Muhu Punnvõrr

Muhu Punnvõrr

Bumpers Sprint and Endurance 3. Stage

Time is running out: 22.08.2020
Location: Soonda krossirada
Korraldaja: Saku Sääruklubi, Collester and M. ENT

Race Day begins 9.00-9.30 Sprint registration.

Original (Retro durability)
Standard + 25
Standard – 25
Powerful 100+ kg
Cones-Stumps (Class will compete with the mother or the father and the son or daughter of NB: do not go into other kinship ties!)

Sprint argue about the number of laps to clear the site, given the severity of the runway and the wishes of competitors. In case of dispute, when the vote! An equalizing the chief judge decides!
Safety equipment requirements and technical conditions for the race bikes will be available

Endurance registration begins approximately 13.30

DURATION 3-5h. Starting order according to the registration order.

Free class

Rules, security requirements and technical conditions can be found
So feel free to contact Sprint if the duration of the registration of an identity document (pass, ID card or driver's license) which is given to all the participants in the round reading the transponder.


To pre-register for the Sprint competition, please pay the participation fee for solos 10 EUR-and I külgkorvidel 20 EUR until 17 August account:
IBAN EE317700771003129990
NGO Saku Sääruklubi

The explanation for the observed:
name of contestant
contact phone number
office or club


NB! After the sprint races at 13.00 MINIDE will drive u 20 my, which will take part in the boys and girls up to 13. the age (including).

Minide mileage Attendance is free, but pre-registration is required, what can be done here:
You can see the registered competitors here:õitjad

Everyone is welcome to ride 13 Annual (including) Motto friends and -huvilised, Competition with a tool to find a suitable growth or to sääreväristaja 50 cc saline kaherattaline. The race takes place in a real competition and on the same track.
Driving is the most important part of the driving experience and Attendance, not to finish inside the nose commotion!
Passengers are compulsory safety equipment - helmet, at least, robust Shoes, gloves and long sleeves LEGS.
Register yourself always in advance, because you hope to get loosirattast awards!


When pre-registering for the endurance race, please pay the participation fee 30 EUR-i per team
Pre-registration ends on August 17 account:
IBAN EE317700771003129990
NGO Saku Sääruklubi

The explanation for the observed:
Team representative
Contact Phone
Class Description (retro, originaal, free class, hiinakas)
The bibs (first-time participant is issued on the spot-free number)
Number of competitors
Location or club

After the competition we will make an evening of a small aphthous campfire. There's a band, sauna, hot tub. Everyone takes a drink of their choice to sit on the table for the evening, Näksi.

We will do everything, it should be a decent "motocross day '.