MAJOR VIDEO COMPETITION ON: -Atomic Saves the World- We are announcing a video competition on the topic "The Atomic Saves the World" says Old People's Wisdom: "The wind cannot be put in the jar". Unfortunately, this situation has been in place for some time, but it would be…

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We will let you know, that in connection with the situation caused by the spread of the coronavirus, Punnvõrr MTÜ and Saku Sääruklubi follow the recommendations and instructions of the Estonian state in their activities. At the moment, everyone is in the endurance race of May- and…

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Sürgavere võrr 2019

Sürgavere võrr 2019, Market day, Time of occurrence DAY IN THE VILLAGE: 14.09.2019Location: Sürgavere village, northern- Sakala parish, Viljandimaa. Sürgavere central settlement. Organizer: Sürgavere Village Society NGO & Saku SääruklubiImportant noses: Kaspar Korsar 53734940, Raido Roosnurm 55938721 Classes:GIRLS …

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Viljandi Võrr 2019

Place: Viljandi Männimäe, Organizer at the square at the end of Riga Road: Interesting house of Viljandi School Course Designer: Toomas Raba, Tarmo Raba Judge, Lap Reader: Liina Valt Competition Classes: 1. Soolovõrrid: (originaal, standard, retro, Girls, hiinakad). 2.…

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Sprint 3. Step Pärnu-Jaagupi

Võrrivõidu ride .sprint 4 at step: Pärnu-Jaagupi Organizer: Saku Sääruklubi Competition Classes: Original (retro) Standard age -25 a. Standard age 25+ a. Chinks Powerful Girls 100+ Side-Open baskets Cones Stumps Starting with the sequence of…

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PunKK Grande Finale Vaimastveres

Punnvõrri Cup Grande Finale 2019 "Welcome to the silo hole rally!"Time of occurrence 7. september 2019 Vaimastvere LocationThe destination is Vaimastvere village, Jõgeva parish. Coming from Tartu, Turn right off the road Vaimastveres Piibe, Coming from Tallinn and Rakvere…

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Moe punnvõrri announcement concerning!

Mopeds are in vogue", Saturday 10.08.19, schedule audience: 10.30 - Minide ride! Estonia's future track stars motto 50 cm3 machines! 12.00 - endurance "MOE 12h" START! The machines are mounted in fire engines and racing sööstetakse!…

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Võrrid on Moe(s)l, PunKK 4. Stage

endurance 4. Stage!Minide racing Phase II on Saturday, 10. August 2019 will take place in West-Viru County Tapa parish Moel PUNnvõrride Endurance Cup 4. and a second step of driving minide. introduction: Competitions are held Moe distillery answered, the plot across the road race course.…

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Sprint Driving 3. step Vändras

Võrrivõidusõit. Sprint 3. Stage 20. July Place: VändraKorraldaja: Saku Sääruklubi Competition Classes:Original (retro)Standard age -25 Age a.Standard 25+ a.HiinakadTüdrukudKaalukad OpenKülgkorvidKäbid + 100 The order of the spot-KännudStartide. The same as in the previous step. Registration Schedule 10.00 - 10.45Training Races 10.45 - 11.30The meeting 11.40Stardid…

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Soonurme punnvõrr, PunKK 3. Stage

Soonurme küla Punnvõrri Kestvussõidu III etapp Minide võidusõit I etapp 13. July 2019 Place:  Soonurme village, Lüganuse, Ida-Virumaa Võistlusklassid: Punnvõrrid: Original, Retro, Open,  Hiinakad Ajakava: 09.00-10.00 Registreerimine ja Tehniline

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