Minide 1. Phase Ida-Viru County

13. Ida-Viru võrrisõidul July will be the start of this year's series of driving Minide!Everyone is welcome to ride 13 Annual (including) Motto friends and -huvilised, would find the race with the growth of the rice or other suitable sääreväristaja…

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Sprint 2. Phase Kohtla-Jarve kart track

15 .June 2019 Võrrivõidu ride .sprint 2 at step: Kohtla-Jarve kardirada Organizer: Saku Sääruklubi Competition Classes: Original (retro) Standard age -25 a. Standard age 25+ a. Chinks Powerful Girls 100+ Open…

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Viru-Nigula punnvõrri regarding an important announcement!

Viru-Nigula punnvõrril the timing lawn tractor by the League, with the following message: NB, contestant, Read through and not up to date! Competitors will undertake the race timing transponder on the vehicle throughout the workout- and during the race of races.…

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Viru-Nigula punnvõrr, PunKK 2. Stage

Punnvõrri Endurance Cup Stage II Lawn Tractor Too Estonian Championship stage III 8. June 2019 Place: Viru-Nigula, Viru-Nigula power, West-Viru County Show Classes:Punnvõrrid: Original, Retro, Open, Open 45+, Hiinakad, Women Lawn Tractors: Standardklass, Free Class Schedule:09.00-10.00…

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11. Mai Raid krossirajal

Sprint Sprint race will be taken into account increases krossirajal, crawfish and hüpetega.Pinnas: mostly hard clay sand, sometimes soft sand (when it rains the mud).On the track there is no: splinters, concrete, wood chips, asphalt. DURATION 3hPinnas: kõva saviliiv, soft…

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Punnvõrr new sixth

Omit all this võrripere. No need to worry - Your Computers are running, Browsers with funk and definitely not you on the wrong page! This is all completely new design! Total makeover passing…


Abja apple orchard 2018

I. TIME,PLACE,CLASSES Event Time: 13. October 2018 Võistluste koht: Viljandimaa, Abja-Paluoja, Abja Gymnasium apple orchard. Võistluste määrang: Abja apple orchard 2018 Competition classes Soolovõrrid: standard, retro, open, hiinakas, originaal. Pitbiked: Semid -88cc. Pitbiked:…


Summary table of the season

RETRO: OPEN: hiinakas:


Sürgavere võrr 2018

RACE Sürgavere võrr 2018, Market day, Time of occurrence DAY IN THE VILLAGE: 08.09.2018 Location: Sürgavere village, northern- Sakala parish, Viljandimaa. Sürgavere central settlements. Korraldaja: Sürgavere Village Society NGO. The head referee-hole champion: Kalev Raba (telephone 5296800) Classes: 1. THE ORIGINAL…