Technical specifications:

Võistlusklassid: FREE -40a and + 40a, STANDARD -40a and + 40a, THE ORIGINAL, HIINAKAS, 100+, BASKETS.

100+ class: In this class, you can run on standard, Original and HIINAKA class võrriga. The competitor must consider the clothes (in the form of non-driving) less than 100kg. Weighed at the start of the race day registration.

Technical box:
Since 2009 Since the competitions at the technical box. Its work is organized by the contest organizer. Technical box is located in a certain zone- ( It is marked on the ground or in the lab will be announced). In the technical box is checked with the technical conditions Võrri. The engine was on and the engine components must comply with the technical requirements of the relevant class. Also, the presence of the number and the size. Brake good condition (both wheels must have brakes both front and rear) and the size of the engine piston mõõtmine.Kolvi size measurement and other technical non-compliance of the race instructions and verification of a refusal by the holder equals disqualification from the contest contestant. Preferably, the competitor could be a personal box, candle key. (in its absence, we find a solution).