Kuusalu Punnvõrr

Kuusalu Punnvõrr

Endurance stage I and Mini racing

Time and place: 18. July 2020, Kuusalu Sports Hall and schoolhouse surroundings.
Length of trip 8 hours.


  • Retro
  • Original
  • Free class
  • Hiinakad
  • Minis

Rihumägi, Kuusalu village, Harju County, 74601, Kuusalu Sports Center. Team care area
in the parking lot of the sports center.
Location link Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/k59i1t83q6SAvHek8
Location link in the Land Board's Geoportal:
,6590808.7587892,581128.34179689,6591545.0869142&point = 580381.27148439,6591304.8525392

The lap length of the track is approx 1,1 kilometers. 70% the track runs along the asphalt surface
and the sweeter part is the descent on the forest trail and the ascent on the ground trail.

You can find the technical conditions for the machine classes http://www.punnvorr.ee/kestvussoidu-tehnilised-tingimused-2020/ page.


08.00 – 10.30 registration
10.30 – 11.30 minide ride (20 minutes) and awarding
11.30 – 11.50 The duration of preparing to drive, Competitor's Meeting
12.00 – 20.00 endurance race
20.30 – Rewarding

The MINIDE ride starts at 10.30 and lasts 20 minutes, which will take part in the boys and girls up to 13. the age (including).

Minide mileage Attendance is free, but pre-registration is required, what can be done here: https://bit.ly/kuusalu_minid_reg

You can see the registered competitors here: https://bit.ly/kuusalu_minid_voistlejad

Everyone is welcome to ride 13 Annual (including) Motto friends and -huvilised, who has a competition tool to find a leg shaker or other two-wheeled machine up to 50cc suitable for growth. Mileage is pretty võrrivõistluse framework, However, a shortened track and lasts ca. 20 minutes.
Driving is the most important part of the driving experience and Attendance, not nasal cracks to finish printing!
Passengers are compulsory safety equipment - helmet, at least, robust Shoes, gloves and long sleeves LEGS.

Endurance all machine classes Retro, Original, Free class and Hiinakad compete with the, but are accounted for as separate. Duration of the ride is 8 hours. (The organizers reserve the right to announce a reduction in time in the morning, when weather conditions so require.) "Crank is treasured!“- Special award for the best crank team.

Start going dormant engines. Starting order according to the order of registration. Contestants are invited to a runway before take-off, and performed registreeringujärjekorras qualifying round and evenly spaced from one another outstanding. Reaching the start line shows the judge a competitor in pole position.

The teams cover the competition distance with one vehicle. The vehicle is repaired in the maintenance area and the movement from the maintenance area to the track takes place through the change area. Passengers are changed and refueled in the designated area.
Mats, etc. must be used in the maintenance area., to avoid oil, other liquids and mud get on the road surface.

NB! Since it is a motorsports event, then drunk driving prohibited!!!

Technical Commission on Tools and Passengers
The Technical Commission shall be held at the Judges' Tent upon registration by the Judges. The Technical Commission shall check the technical condition of the bike race and the participation fee receipt, the team is allocated a timing system. To 16 years (including) Competitors are required by their parent or guardian written permission (the leaflet is available from the website http://www.punnvorr.ee/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Alaealiseluba.pdf or filled registration). All contestants sign a declaration of ownership of the registration.

Registration, bring an identity document, the basis of which the transponder reading circuit. For the first time participating in the team competition, the organizers can, if necessary, the number whiteboard.

NB! The duration of the race are mandatory to wear a race number and rear view. Number may confirm or contest the wheel to paste, shirt, jacket or helmet (of tape can also be used). Since the numbers are even allowed to wear a helmet, it follows that at least the required minimum height of the plate is 50 mm (install a larger number of clothing). The number must be clearly legible.

The Team consists of 2 to 4 members from.

All team members must appear on the technical committee with the team, but need not be mandatory safety equipment.

Safety equipment is constantly checked during the competition. It is mandatory that the helmet moto (construction - and a bicycle helmet is not allowed), long sleeves shirt, jacket or the like., trousers, Covering the ankle shoes (boots), gloves. Suggested: lõuakaitsmega helmet camera, knee - and elbow protectors. Safety requirements and technical conditions can be found http://www.punnvorr.ee/

Entry fee 30 EUR. Pre-register by Please 14. July 2020
Subsequent registrants participation fee 50 EUR. NB! Payment can only be made in cash on site.
Starting order according to registration.

Pre-registration for competitions is HIGHLY recommended.
Pre-registration at the latest 14. July 2020.

  1. Pay a participation fee for pre-registration 30 EUR transfer to the account
    EE262200221010918291 (Swedbank) MARI KÄIS
    It needs to be clarified: PUNKK”, e-mail address, them
  2. After receiving the participation fee, a link to the registration form will be sent to the e-mail address indicated in the explanation
  3. Fill in the registration form

    List of pre - registered: https://bit.ly/kuusalu_reganud

    On-site registration 50 EUR

    If you do not have an email address and make a pre-registration transfer, then we perform the registration operations on site.

    Info: Mati Plaque, mati.plakk77@gmail.com, 5142030

It is intended for competitors 1 meal, where we offer a refreshing soup.

Prize giving and competition Termination
The ceremony is carried out in about half an hour after the fall of the finišilipu. If possible, it may start earlier.

Other important information:
Fans and escorts of the teams can also spend time in the sports center- and indoor attractions. Outdoor attractions are free for all to use (skatepark, climbing attractions, multispordiväljak). The Sports Center’s swimming pool and gym are open, whose use according to the price list. There is a washing facility in the sports building until noon 21:00 or, the price of a laundry ticket is 2 EUR.

Further questions regarding the organization of the race:
Mati Plaque