-Atomic Saves the World-

We announce a video competition on the topic "Atomic Saves the World"

Old wisdom says: “The wind cannot be put in the jar”. Unfortunately, this situation has been in place for some time, but it would be interesting to know, what exciting someone does in their wipes!

Make a movie about how nice and ugly you can do with your band and share it with others.
Punnvõrr MTÜ and Saku Sääruklubi invite you to spend the beginning of the season together in a new way, until the situation subsides and you can really measure and chill on the track.
The videos submitted to the competition should therefore give an idea, what the unseen can do with the equation – it is then the art of architecture, a masterpiece of driving mastery, a presentation of a plan to improve the world, or whatever – everyone is welcome!

Conditions for participation

⦁ All friends of bumpers can participate, both men and women, young and old, beautiful and ugly, smart and nimble, the video can be made individually or with a team.
⦁ You can use the help of relatives and friends to make and record a video.
⦁ The expected video length could be approximate 1 minute and can be shot with both a professional camera and a phone.
⦁ The video must not have previously participated in any competition.
⦁ The video must be the work of the authors themselves. Use of other people's creations must follow good practice and respect copyright.
⦁ The video must be in a well-known video format, to be sure, so that the contest organizers can watch the video.

Video playback options:

⦁ Upload it to a data sharing platform, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Sel juhul peaks video lingi, pealkirja, autorite nimed ja soovi korral lühikirjelduse saatma aadressile, märkides e-kirja teemaks „Videokonkursi osaleja“.
⦁ Saata see mälupulgal aadressile Rakvere, Narva 29(FEB AS), 44311, Andres Põldver. Ka sel juhul peaksid lisatud olema video pealkiri, autorite nimed ja soovi korral lühikirjeldus.

Videote esitamise tähtaeg on 01. July 2020.

Videod laaditakse ülesse YouTube keskkonda ja parim selgitatakse välja vaatamiskordade järgi ning autasustamine toimub võistlushooaja lõpetamisel.


⦁ Võistluse peaauhinnaks on kiivriraadiod 4tk
⦁ kõikide osalejate vahel loositakse välja vautšerid:
50 Eurot 2tk
30 Eurot 3tk
⦁ Eriauhinnad:
⦁ Auhind stiilsemale osalejale (osalejatele), where we value both the timeless costume and the accessories
⦁ Driving mastery
⦁ An interesting machine
⦁ Method of time delay, useful for a pleasant connection
⦁ Ergas idee
⦁ Team award – highlighting an excellent partnership

Vouchers can be used in PunKK! when paying the participation fee for the stages of the cup series.

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