26-27.07.2013 was held in Ida-Viru County, Maidla, Estonian history as the first moto 24 hours endurance race Riga sääreväristajatel. The event was called Maidla Le Mans.

Technicians class winner was the team Mati Mõttus, who passed 24 In an hour 965 one kilometer around. The winning team came second, outperformed Mauno Roos Nurme team estimated that only one circle. Third was the team of technicians classroom Bogdan Bendaki.

Standard class team triumphed Janek Molotov, who passed 862 circle and outpaced Viktor Gay, Veiko Reaper teams.

The event was attended by 56 teams and 214 motosportlast (of them 17 woman). Competitors had come to the place in the Netherlands, Germany, Latvia and Finland. Competitors underwent 24 Total hours exactly 32 000 one kilometer around.

To retire due to technical reasons, only one team. All the others were able to tenaciously endure.

All the teams who contest the hardware passed every hour for at least one round (Minimum equipment, license plate, and two wheels) received the honorary title of "Le Mans ace" and all the "Le Mans Aces" store personally to eternal glory hands, which were prepared and the plaque engraved names of the monuments placed on the wall of Maidla manor granary.


Competition videos, Images and media links:

trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMbW4fRyy_o

Feliks Undusk Maidla LeMans'i preparations kaemas


Vaino Laisaar reportage vol1


Vaino Laisaar reportage vol2


TopGeari videos directly from the runway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=110YdEKYUug


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ERR: http://menu.err.ee/265792/maidla-le-mans-purgib-guinnessi-rekordiks

Seven o'clock news, Best moments: https://tv3play.tv3.ee/sisu/seitsmesed-uudised-2013/341139?autostart=true Videos 13:26

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Delfi Forte: http://forte.delfi.ee/news/topgear/punnvorride-le-mans-topgeari-tiimi-oopaev-sadulas-parast-oiates-ja-longates-koju?id=66732595

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