Võrrikunnek on Kuningamäe

Võrrikunnek on Kuningamäe

Punnvõrri Cup series final on Kuningamäe karting track

29. August 2020

Venue information:

Kuningamäe karting track is located next to Põltsamaa (towards Viljandi). Google Maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/GtmjArfHMLqSWFC3A. It is an 850 meter asphalt track, two roofed grandstands on the track, track-wide lighting, pjedestaal, judges tower and information speakers for transmitting information. Rajainfo: http://www.kuningamae.ee/rada.htm.

Who wants to organize their accommodation overnight, then there are also five-bed log houses on site, which can be booked yourself at an additional cost, if required.

Information about the competition venue can be found at: http://kuningamae.ee/


8.00 – 13.00 registration for trips
8.00 – 8.45 – getting to know the sprint track
9.00 – 13.00 sprint
13.00 – 14.00 Minide ride and ceremony
14.00 – 14.45 - familiarization with the duration track
15.00 – endurance race start (Incitement victory 6 hours 15.00-21.00)

NB! Awarding of the stage and season in the evening after the end of the endurance race (approximately 21.30).

* The organizers reserve the right to change the schedule .

NB! Important information is also available on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/234416450964480 or follow the "Vaimastvere equators" group.


Original (retro)
Standard age -25 a.
Standard age 25+ a.
Powerful 100+

Registration is mandatory for competitions.
Registration no later than 25. August.

Entry fee to transfer: MTÜ Vaimastvere Võrriklubi kontole EE122200221059991813
Indicate the class, them, number.
Entry fee is soolodel 10 eur and külgkorvidel 20 EUR.

Registered contestants: https://bit.ly/Kuning_sprint_reg

Mopeds and passenger equipment must meet the conditions of the competition (You can read about www.sakusaaruklubi.ee).


NB! After the sprint races at 13.00 MINIDE will drive u 20 my, which will take part in the boys and girls up to 13. the age (including).

Minide mileage Attendance is free, but pre-registration is required, what can be done here: https://bit.ly/Kuning_minid_reg
You can see the registered competitors here: https://bit.ly/Kuning_minid_sõitjad

Everyone is welcome to ride 13 Annual (including) Motto friends and -huvilised, Competition with a tool to find a suitable growth or to sääreväristaja 50 cc saline kaherattaline. The race takes place in a real competition and on the same track.
Driving is the most important part of the driving experience and Attendance, not to finish inside the nose commotion!
Passengers are compulsory safety equipment - helmet, at least, robust Shoes, gloves and long sleeves LEGS.
Register yourself always in advance, because you hope to get loosirattast awards!


Retro (wait Dega)

Technical Committee:
A technical commission will be held upon registration. In the course of the technical commission, the condition of the competition bike and the receipt of the participation fee will be checked. Up to 16 years old (including) must submit a written permission of a parent or caregiver (punnvõrri available for both the website and on the ground). For those who are first competitions, a new number plate is issued. Safety requirements and technical conditions can be found http://www.punnvorr.ee/kestvussoidu-tehnilised-tingimused-2020/.

The Team consists of 2 to 4 members from. Track test drive is allowed to go to The competitors, who have registered, whose racing wheel is attached to the license plate and the circle of readers. Reconnaissance will take place according to schedule.

Start and Race:
Competition classes retro, originaal, open and the chinese compete together, but are accounted for as separate. Duration of the ride is 6 hours. Get your cute leg out of the shed, because "Crank is treasured!“.
Start going dormant engines. Start sequence of registreerimisjärjestusele. Contestants are invited to a runway before take-off, and performed registreeringujärjekorras qualifying round and evenly spaced from one another outstanding. Reaching the start line shows the judge a competitor in pole position.
The vehicle is repaired in the maintenance area and the movement from the maintenance area to the track takes place through the change area. Passengers are changed and refueled in the designated area.
Mats, etc. must be used in the maintenance area., to avoid oil, other liquids and mud get on the road surface.
NB: Since it is a motorsports event, then drunk driving prohibited!!!

The event pre-registration:
Entry fee 30 eur-i. Pre-register by Please 25. August 2020
Subsequent registrants participation fee 50.- EUR. the site can only be paid in cash. Starting order according to registration.

Please transfer the registration for the contest entry fee account: MTÜ Vaimastvere Võrriklubi EE122200221059991813 Swedbank
The explanation for the observed:
E-mail address

Something (originaal, retro, open, hiinakas)
competition number (who endurance race for the first time, issued to them on the spot-free number)

After receiving the participation fee, a link to the registration form will be sent to the e-mail address indicated in the explanation, which must be completed. If you do not have an email address and make a pre-registration transfer, then we perform the registration operations on site.

You can see the list of pre-registered here: https://bit.ly/Kuning_kestvus_reg

Other important information:

Keevitusvõimalus there.

There is a buffet on site, where you can pay with card. Also nearby is Terminal Gas Station.

NB! Smoking is not allowed on the karting track! A smoking area is provided for this purpose.

After the race, there will be a summary of the season, but the final party is already in Muhu. Who wants to spend the night in Kuningamäe, you can book a cabin or bring your own accommodation (telgi, caravan, car vms).

Further questions regarding the organization of the race:

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Rein Pärt 5656 4798

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