Date Location Race Stage Endurance
14. February Abja-Paluoja Birthday on eelüritus
25. April Äksi The motto of the opening of the season 1h
2. May Vinni-plug Sprint 1.Stage
23. May Sargvere Sääru Endurance/Sprint 1.Stage/2.Stage 3h
13. June Viru-Nigula Endurance 2.Stage as 6h
4. July Türi Veskisilla kardirada Sprint 3.Stage
11. July Auto24ring, Pärnu Endurance 3.Stage as 4h
18. July Abja-Paluoja Moto Club's birthday 10h
1. August Vändra Sprint 4.Stage
15. August Rakvere City Race Endurance 4.Stage as 3h
22. August Pärnu-Jaagupi Sprint 5.Stage
5. September Saaremaa Endurance/Sprint 5.Stage/6.Stage 3h
12. September Sürgavere Fair Day

NB! If you know any racing events related with mopeds (Competitions, trips, etc ..), you can let us know!