1.August Vändra Võrri 4.etapp racing sprint race!

1.August Vändra Võrri 4.etapp racing sprint race!

Vändra Võrrivõidusõit 4 sprindi etapp

Place :Vändra
Korraldaja: Saku Sääruklubi

1.Original (Retro durability)
2.Standard – 25 (duration of Sports)
3.Standard + 25 (duration of Sports)
7.Sidecars 50cc
8.Sidecars 80cc
9.Powerful 100 kg +

Registration 10.00-11.00
Training Races 10.30 -11.30
Meeting 11.40
Heats 12.00

Registration is mandatory for competitions.
You can register 13.07-27.07. 2015

Entry fee to transfer the invoice number EE813300332811840004 NGO Saku Sääruklubi.

Indicate the class,them,number. Entry fee is soolodel 10 EUR. and külgkorvidel 20 EUR. Entry fee includes a first trophies and souvenirs rest. Mopeds and passenger equipment must comply with the conditions of the race (You can read about www.sakusaaruklubi.ee ).
Lisa info.saku.saaru@mail.ee 55698781 Virgo

Competition classes the order it appears on the site.

Soolodel 8 around in the crates 6 ringi.Esimesed starts one way and the other way around. Rewarding 30 minutes after the last race of the first three cups finishit.Autasustatakse. For the rest, and all the souvenirs.

NB: Who's ceremony is no reward ,meenest without.

Participants will also receive a soup to eat!

Meet Vändras