Viru-Nigula punnvõrri regarding an important announcement!

Viru-Nigula punnvõrril the timing lawn tractor by the League, with the following message:

NB, contestant, Read through and not up to date!

Competitors will undertake the race timing transponder on the vehicle throughout the workout- and the race of races during the. The time indicator transponder is guaranteed and booked only pre-registered competitors.
transponder damage, loss or non-timely repayment, the competitor undertakes to reimburse the cost of the transponder in the amount of four hundred and fifty (450) EUR, plus VAT (20%), a total of five hundred and forty (540) EUR! 
Fixer transponder must be mounted in a vertical position! Locked you can buy on the spot.
Transponders must be returned within sixty (60) minutes after his last race of the Secretariat.
It is permissible to use the competitor's transponder, which must be Mylaps X2 Car or TranX 260 Marked running and loaded.
Transponders are the responsibility of the competitors!

with respect
The Lawn Tractor League and the timing service team