Viru-Nigula Punnvõrr 1. sprindi etapp

Viru-Nigula Punnvõrr 1. sprindi etapp

27. May 2017

Place: Viru-Nigula, Viru-Nigula power, West-Viru County
Korraldaja: Viru-Nigula MK

Võistlusklassid (take-offs in order):
1.Original (Retro durability)
3.Standard + 25
4.Standard – 25
7.Sidecars 50cc
8.Powerful 100 kg +
9.Sidecars 80cc


Registration 10.00 – 10.40
Training Races 10.50 – 11.30
Heats 12.00

The event pre-registration (Entry fee is soolodel 10 EUR. and külgkorvidel 20 eur.)
You can register 8 – 25. May 2017 (
Subsequent registrants participation fee 20.- EUR)

NB: Entry fee to transfer the invoice number EE552200221034901310 Kea Price

Indicate the class,them,number. Entry fee is soolodel 10 EUR. and külgkorvidel 20 EUR. Entry fee includes a first trophies and souvenirs rest. Mopeds and passenger equipment must comply with the conditions of the race (You can read about

Soolodel 8 around in the crates 6 round. The first starts in one way and the other way around. Rewarding 30 minutes after the finish of the last ride. Trophies will be awarded for the first three cups. For the rest, and all the souvenirs.

At the end of the day we raffle off a variety of prizes between competitors!

Information about the track telephone 56672377