Sprint and endurance races 2. Stage!

Sprint and endurance races 2. Stage!

Moe 10 June 2017.

Saturday, 10 will take place on June Moel PUNnvõrride Kestvussõidu Karikasarja 2. Stage yes Spridi karikasarja 2. Stage

Initial Introduction:

Competitions are held Moe distillery answered, the plot across the road race route. Competitors are designed for two car parks, you can see the names of the track diagram "parking lot" and "stock parking lot". Technical pit area, we can not park cars, if desired, may erect a tent. Mopeds tune is designed to stretch, that remains between the two prohibition sign. A highway is not advisable to go.

Open is also a distillery museum, with a visit to the athletes and their attendants free.

Race Day begins 8.00 Sprint registration.

Võistlusklassid (take-offs in order):
1.Original (Retro durability)
3.Standard + 25
4.Standard – 25
7.Sidecars 50cc
8.Powerful 100 kg +
9.Sidecars 80cc

Soolodel driven 8 round and külgkorvidel 6 round. The first race and the second race clockwise to counter-clockwise around the. Competition classes starting order shall specify the spot. Safety equipment requirements and technical conditions for the race bikes will be available www.sakusaaruklubi.ee.

NB! After the sprint of the first starters will MINIDE 20min ride, which will take part in the boys and girls up to 13. the age (including). Võistlusrattaks fit all iseliikurid (ka variaatoriga) kubatuuriga kuni 50cc. The participation fee is not, pre-registered e-mail andres.poldver@eesti.ee. Start will be given in the order in.

Endurance registration begins approximately 13.30

Võistlusklassid: Retro, Free class, Women and Chinks

Rules, security requirements and the technical condition of the back can be found www.punnvorr.ee

So feel free to contact Sprint if the duration of the registration of an identity document (pass, i.d.kaart or driver's license) which is given to all the participants in the round reading the transponder. as well as MINIDE class participants.

Circuit is running on a flat surface, major increases / a downwards. Lap length of approximately 1200 m. Raja cover a mug, Senior asphalt and grass.

Daily termination occurs approximately 20.00-20.30

Meals are available on site. Competitors will receive registration coupon.

Schedule and event guide

Dates 10. June 2017


8.00 – 9.30 registration

9.00 – 9.40 Reconnaissance ( 20+20 min.)

9.45 Competitor's Meeting

10.00 -14.00 Incitement victory

14.30 sprint riders will

If all classes are driven in a clockwise direction, the duration of the competition will take place minide max. 20my.

Minide ceremony will take place in conjunction with Sprint recognition events.

Please sign up in advance at least 06. June 2017

Start and Race:

Start going dormant engines. Start-up tone, the judge in a red and a green flag means. Sprint track is slightly shortened. Driven soolodel 8 round and külgkorvidel 6 round. The first race and the second race clockwise to counter-clockwise around the. Competition classes starting order shown eeltutvustuses.

Prize giving and competition Termination:

The award ceremony will be carried out at the latest on pedestal 30 minutes after the last race to finish.

Trophies will be awarded to three of the better cups. All the remaining contestants giveaways. All participants are invited to Kill refreshing soup made from the pizza shop at the pit area of ​​the soup in a tent. To be given at registration coupon.


13.30 – 15.00 registration

15.00 – 15.30 Reconnaissance

15.45 opening, Competitor's Meeting

16.00 – 20.00 Incitement victory

20.30 riders will

Please sign up in advance at least 06. June 2017


  • Retro (Sprint original )

  • Free class

  • Women

  • Hiinakad

Arrival, Technical Commission:

Venue of the same, as sprinting and runway configuration is shown in the primary guide.

The technical committee of judges will be carried out in a tent by the judges.

We encourage you to come to the Commission as early as possible in the technical, in order to avoid eventual saturation.

The Technical Commission shall check the technical condition of the bike race and the participation fee receipt, separated from food stamps. To 16 years (including) Competitors are required by their parent or guardian written permission( the leaflet is available from the website www.punnvorr.ee or filled registration). All contestants sign a declaration of ownership of the registration. Registration, bring an identity document, the basis of which the transponder reading circuit. The organizers issued by the Numbers 1 -100. These contestants, who is starting a three-digit number of the earlier time, can be used in their production number plaque.

NB! The duration of the race are mandatory to wear a race number and rear view. Number may confirm or contest the wheel to paste, shirt, jacket or helmet (of tape can also be used). Since the numbers are even allowed to wear a helmet, it follows that at least the required minimum height of the plate is 50 mm ( hopefully, install a larger outfit ). This number must be clearly visible from the surface onto portable.

The Team consists of 2 to 4 members from.

The Technical Committee shall be displayed at a time, each team member, but need not be mandatory safety equipment, However, during the competition, which is constantly checked. It is mandatory that the helmet moto ( construction - and a bicycle helmet is not allowed), long sleeves shirt, jacket or the like., trousers, Covering the ankle shoes (boots), gloves. Suggested: lõuakaitsmega helmet camera, knee - and elbow protectors. Safety requirements and technical conditions can be found www.punnvorr.ee

Track test drive is allowed to go to The competitors, who have registered, whose racing wheel is attached to a license plate, and who use the safety equipment requirements. Reconnaissance will take place according to schedule.

After the competition are invited contestants selected in accordance with the decision of the judges as additional control, confirm compliance with the technical requirements which motor. Before engine disassembly, on the ground that the possibility to wash and dry, in order to avoid damage to the engine.

Judges have the right to competitors and / or teams to warn and / or to disqualify.

Refusal of additional checks equal to the disqualification.

Start and Race:

Start going dormant engines. Start-up tone, the judge in a red and a green flag means. Võistlusklassid retro, free class, Chinks and women (vt. Specifications) compete with the, but are accounted for as separate. Driving lasts four hours.

Driver changes and refueling võrri the runway is located next to a special Transition. The immediate area for unauthorized persons forbidden. Võrri filling up the track inbound and outbound track team member. Repairs carried out box. Pit area must be made safe for passage!

The area is located near the pit of technical assistance Shed, which is marked with a sign, Equipped with a welding machine, metal cutter, compressor and other necessary.

Prize giving and competition Termination:

The award ceremony will be conducted at approximately pedestal 30 minutes after the end of the journey.

Trophies will be awarded to three of the top teams. All the remaining contestants a small keepsake.

At the end of the day we raffle off a variety of prizes between competitors!

Sprint Contest registration please transfer the participation fee soolodel 10 EUR-and I külkkorvidel 20 EUR-i account: EE781700017003468360 NGO Punnvõrr

The explanation for the observed:
1. name of contestant
2. contact phone number
3. sprint
4. Something
5. stardinumber
6. office or club

endurance race Participants are asked to transfer the participation fee 30 EUR-i per team account: EE781700017003468360 NGO Punnvõrr.

The explanation for the observed:

  1. Team representative
  2. Contact Phone
  3. Endurance
  4. Class Description (retro, free class, Women, hiinakas)
  5. The bibs (first-time participant is issued on the spot-free number)
  6. Location or club
  7. Number of competitors (2-4)

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Additional information :
Moe 2017 The main organizers:
Janno Tiido tel: 53490659
Andres Põldver tel: 5033543
Email: andres.poldver@eesti.ee


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