Operating Talvepunn 2013 is 26.jaanuaril 2013. in West-Viru County Vinni fieldWinnie the borough of Daniel Hellerman Gymnasium at.

Raja Kate is unknown, it installs Weatherman us race day morning. The surface is asphalt, where there is a lot of snow- or ice cover, dependent on weather conditions. Case, when weather conditions become truly üliekstreemseks, pushed race to the nearest day to Saturday, when conducting a contest and will be notified of all registered competitors by using the contact information. (The competition entry fee is returned quitters).

Accommodation possibilities: / et / Hotell


  • Estonian Championship 2013. Phase I of the Sprint Cup. Classes and Tech. conditions of the so-called 'Saku Sääru "according to the rules. View here.
  • Traditional FATHERS- PUPS race (at least one exchange, different generations of family members)
  • Team võrripallivõistlus SÄÄRU-PUNNPALL (each club / Fellowship, etc.) 3liikmelise selects team , who needs hands-free rides and võrri passes the ball to the target goal. Detailed rules and description before competition.


Registration of reconnaissance at 9.30.- 10.30
COMPETITORS flash Meeting and Opening at 10.40- 10.50
Sidecars 1. RACE (50 and 80 one start) at 11.00- 11.10
STANDARD age up 25 -1.RACE at 11.15- 11.25
STANDARD age over 25 - 1.SÕIT at 11.30- 11.40
OPEN 1.SÕIT at 11.45-11.55
GIRLS – 1.RACE at 12.00- 12.10
Chinks in-1.SÕIT at 12.15- 12.25
FATHER-SON RACE at 12.30-12.50
Sidecars 2. RACE (50 and 80 one start) at 12.55- 13.05
STANDARD age up 25 -2.RACE at 13.10- 13.20
STANDARD age over 25 - 2.SÕIT at 13.25- 13.35
OPEN 2.SÕIT at 13.40- 13.50
GIRLS – 2.RACE at 13.55- 14.05
Chinks in-2.SÕIT at 14.10-14.20
PUNNPALL at 14.30- 15.30
CONTEST graduates fusion Vinni SPORDIKOMLEKSI swimming pool and sauna

LÕUNANÄSIMINE Winnie the sports complex in the bar

Since kl 13.00-


Kl 14.00- 16.00

PRIZES Vinni SPORTS COMPLEX, fireworks!!!


at 17.00
FREE LAVA- who puts forward immediately toward home, who will hoopla Sports Complex and the previous season, summarizing the movie ...  



All competitors mandatory pre-registration and participation in tax (10 per contestant / the distance of the race) payment. Pre-registration REQUIRED 17. January 2013. a. Latecomers will pay easily and definitely- ERANDITETA!- three times the price.

NB! ADVANTAGES 25%- (ie pay 7.50/ per NAGU) everyone, who register and pay the participation fee 2012. years. The organizers, Briefing since the time to reach all those interested in good time, it is natural to reward early.

To clarify: Sprint distances to be part of the distance to each of the contestant to pay 10 EUR (participates in a number of areas where / several different bike, will be charged separately for each distance). Crates will be charged 20 per team per.

FATHER-SON race is a participation fee 20 per team per (regardless, the team has a number of competitors, registration to report the number of competitors).

Punnpalli- events is the participation fee 5 EUR /but they face competitors, who are not themselves registered and competed in other distances (partially offset by the dining-, "Merchandise" - and the cost of swimming). Competitors, who has this day been registered to compete in any other race, on Exempt! Essentially, this means, that these teams, who come only Punnpalli play, must pay a participation fee.

Punnpalliski each club / team / group of friends /, etc required to register 17. January 2013. The. Announce the composition of the team (3 members) by name. Contestants are not allowed to participate in several team. Entries will see HERE .

Võisteldasoovijatel, who lack the material means to pay the participation fee, the race fee exemption (either partial or complete) application by application MTU Employees Punnu name (e-mail address If possible, the application is granted.

Entry fee must be included bank account:

MTU Employees Punnu

a/a 4278602117909,

Credit bank.

The explanation for the observed:

1.Competitor(to) Names, NB- definitely ahead of all competitors- and family names!!!

2.accurate racing classes, in which you participate.

3.SPRINDIALDEL existing competition numbers (new competitors for you after the registration numbers). NB! Existing Sprint numbers of sites, not to be confused with PUNKK!-numbers.

4.Be sure to include contact information, such, where you need / mess / etc, on a – a functioning phone number, e-mail address ...

5. club, tiimi nimi

If the participation fee paid, see your name on our website there, where the letter: Registrants.


Prizes for the three best in each class, all giveaways, time of the year concerned, a number of "warm the 'special prizes, All contestants get free Vinni Sports Complex (swim, sauna, swimming suit, therefore,!!!), Free lunch for all contestants Vinni Sports Complex (Only at 14-16).

NB! To avoid confusion and to understand all- admission to swimming pools- saunadealale and the food is registreerimispõhine-coupons, ie registering, please be accurate in the morning, and from registering for food- saunatalongid and properly maintained. Motoristid, Fan-club and all other logging company must swim / sauna / food if desired, ground yourself to pay. Prizes are given at Sports Complex, you free admission to all.


VINNI Punnu "Leiva NUMBER"- Fathers and sons VÕRRISÕITtoimub ca 10-15 minute, at least one switched to race, where teammates have to be close relatives of different generations. Relative equality will try to maintain that in the race to avoid OPEN-machines. The side cart with passengers is also mandatory for at least one shift (Cart man's head and allowed the exchange between).

Pimply bump SHORT distances Compete Estonian Sprint Cup will take place in a single step in the following classes:

standard (age of contestant up 25 years)

standard (over 25 years)

open (No age limit)

Girls (No age limit)

hiinakad (No age limit)

külgkorvid 50 cc (No age limit)

külgkorvid 80 cc (No age limit)

For each class, there will be two races for about ten minutes, case, where are enrolled at least 5 competitor. Depending on racing conditions could combine a few class trips. Races can take place in opposite directions. Allowed to use the same wheels for different classes of passengers traveling by.


Each club / team / group of friends /, etc are required to register 17. January 2013. The. Announce the composition of the team (3 members) by name.



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