Vinni Sügispunn 2012 is 01.septembril 2012 Winnie the area around the resort Aartika. Aartika Recreation Center is located Rakvere- Blackwater highway (~ 20km Rakverest) Trinkets village. Detailed information about the venue and location for those wishing to also lodging possibilities:

Information about the venue of the

The track has 0 (zero) meters asphalt coating, the rest is gravel and turf. How old is the god of dry weather ANNB, is a tough uphill hike and an even tougher descent. The track is probably the hardest, võrrivõistlustel you've ever experienced.


VÕRRIPÄEV going to be a really, really long. If all goes as, as we plan, You can be a starter on this day 14, to be divided into ten sets of trophy ... As Vinni Sügispunn trying to accommodate a single day in the sprint- than the marathon distance, time resources must be handled prudently and sustainably. Therefore, starting Vinni AUTUMN tongue busy day quite early, trail opened trrninguteks and Reconnaissance at 10.00. Starts differences are small( 5- 10 minutes), just before the endurance races are a common slightly longer lunch break.




SPRINT ZONE ENTRIES and reconnaissance pm 10.00- 11.00

COMPETITORS flash at the meeting and the opening of 11.00- 11.10

1.Sidecars 1. RACE (50 and 80 one start) at 11.15- 11.25

2.STANDARD age up 25 -1.RACE pm 11.30- 11.40

3.STANDARD age over 25 - 1.SÕIT pm 11.45- 11.55

4.OPEN 1.SÕIT kl 12.00-12.10

5.GIRLS- 1.RACE pm 12.15- 12.25

6.Chinks in-1.SÕIT pm 12.30- 12.40

CHILDREN at cycling 12.50-13.10

7.Sidecars 2. RACE (50 and 80 one start) at 13.15- 13.25

8.STANDARD age up 25 -2.RACE pm 13.30- 13.40

9.STANDARD age over 25 - 2.SÕIT pm 13.45- 13.55

10.OPEN-2.SÕIT pm 14.00- 14.10

11.GIRLS – 2.RACE pm 14.15- 14.25

12.Chinks in-2.SÕIT pm 14.30-14.40

Endurance athletes at registration 14.40- 15.30

FATHER-SON registration at 14.40- 15.00

FATHER-SON and endurance running reconnaissance pm 14.40- 15.30


13.FATHER-SON RACE pm 15.40-15.50

14.ENDURANCE RACE- start for all classes (STANDARD, TECHNICIANS, at 16.00- 19.00

KÜLGKORVID) and at the same time VÕRRILAADSETEL.

LAUNDRY- SAUNA AND HOUR pm 19.00-20.00

FATHER-SON and PUNKK! Rewarding, Season of, celebration

Gentle accompaniment fellas at 20.00- ...






All competitors mandatory pre-registration, võrrisõitjatel the participation tax ( 5 EUR per competitor / race distance on) payment. To the organizers easier, hope of early registration.


To clarify: Sprint distances to be part of the distance to each of the contestant to pay 5 euot (participates in as many / several different bike, will be charged separately for each distance). Crates will be charged 5 per team per.


FATHER-SON race is a participation fee 5 per team per.


Duration Races is a participation fee 5 for every participant in the race.


Entry fee must be included bank account:

MTU Employees Punnu

a/a 4278602117909,

Credit bank.

The explanation for the observed:

1.Competitor(to ) Names,

2.accurate racing classes, in which you participate,

3.existing competition numbers ( new competitors for you after the registration numbers),

4. preferably in some form of contact information, such, where you will be available if necessary, Display phone number

5. club, tiimi nimi


If the participation fee paid, see your name on our website there, where the letter: Registrants.


Children are free cycling, but it certainly is necessary for registration. LAST DATE FOR REGISTRATION cycling 26.AUGUST. LATE wider exemptions simply not!!! REGISTER HERE AND NOW! Essential Details- rider in front- and last name, age, residence. Number can be obtained before the competition. Safety equipment required by helmet, preferably also other safety equipment. Bike would be up to the. Bike must be fully roadworthy.


All competitors charge: lunch soup, meened, sauna chance after the race, admission to the evening concert party, where they entertain the Hellad Velled. Winners with cups and eternal glory and fame!


Who wish to spend the night with, Contacting Aartika Recreation


VINNI Punnu "Leiva NUMBER"- Fathers and sons VÕRRISÕIT in twenty minutes at least one switched to race, where teammates have to be close relatives of different generations. Machine Class is Free (ie suitable for all competition classes Mopeds), sidecar for passengers is also mandatory for at least one shift (Cart man's head and allowed the exchange between).


Pimply bump SHORT distances competed in Estonian Sprint Cup will take place in a single step in the following classes:


standard (age of contestant up 25 years)
standard  (over 25 years)
open  (No age limit)
Girls (No age limit)
hiinakad (No age limit)
külgkorvid  50 cc (No age limit)
külgkorvid  80 cc  (No age limit)

For each class, there will be two races for about ten minutes, case, where are enrolled at least 5 competitor. Depending on racing conditions could combine a few class trips. Races can take place in opposite directions. Allowed to use the same wheels for different classes of passengers traveling by.

Pimply bump ENDURANCE race is competed for Estonia PUNNVÕRRIDE endurance race championship in one step following classes:


STANDARD (No age limit or gender discrimination, therefore, all)

TECHNICIANS (the story of the foregoing )

KÜLGKORVID (same story, as before)

VÕRRILAADSED (ie all those, which do not meet the below mentioned conditions, NO PART TIME TRAVEL Cup competition terms, However, each size can take, võrrilaadsete lane to allow or not to allow the designated organizer's sole discretion, whose decision is final and not subject to appeal.). Also Võrrilaadsete three are right for your trophies.


CHILDREN cycling is for all children, whose age 1. September does not exceed 6 years (7-during the school year let the wisdom behind the demand!). The idea, simply, that if young mothers and fathers- sisters and brothers-grandfathers scooters kimavad, would be the younger one activity, and perhaps also those held infects the next track ... To continue võrripisikuga race is quite hilly grass track, is expected, however, only those contestants, who are coping with their own two-wheeler, the oldest race track are not allowed on the track and abiratastega individuals can not handle.






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