Interesting house of Viljandi School presents:

Interesting house of Viljandi School presents:

Viljandi Võrr 2017

Competition information 23.09.2017

Place: Viljandi Männimäe, Riga highway 95 the present site
Korraldaja: Viljandi Equipment Interesting School House
Course Designer: Toomas Raba, Tarmo Raba
Judge, Lap Reader: Liina Valt

1. Soolovõrrid: (originaal, standard, retro, Girls, hiinakad).
2. Lawn Tractors (standard, free)
3. Sidecars: 50cc, 80cc.(Mopeds)
4. Open klass ( võrr).

Registration 10.00-11.00
Treeningsõiduaeg 10:30 -10:50 soolovõrrid,open, külgkorvid.
10:50 -11:00 lawn tractors.
Meeting 11.10
Heats 11.30

The event is a mandatory pre-registration mail
You can register 04.09-17.09.2017.
Indicate Something,them,number. Entry fee is soolovõrridel 5 eur and külgkorvidel 10 EUR. The entry fee includes prizes for excellence . Võrrid, lawn tractors and their equipment must meet the safety of passengers, technical requirements.
Lisa info. reproducing 5218743

Technical Condition:
Competition classes sail 2 ride.
Starting with the sequence of:
lawn tractors
open võrrid
Soolovõrride heats will take place on-site meeting, we agreed to a number of ühiselt.Võistlusringide.
Sidecars heats will be held jointly by a different interval or distance of each other.( 50 ees and 80 behind).
Lawn Tractor heats will be held jointly, accounting basis. Front row start at the rear standard machines are free klass.Võistkond 2 member,driven 2x20min.
All competition on wheels( Mopeds) must operate both brakes ( in front of ,behind).
Start going dormant engines.(Mopeds)
Passengers must be aware of dangers, responsible for their injuries, drive is optional, Event organizer does not take responsibility for your injuries.
The competitor competes on his own responsibility,, the scene of a medical professional, who gives first aid if necessary.
Drive sensibly!

We ask all of its own to clean up.