2023.season of the year – START!

2023.season of the year – START!

Welcome, the varry people, into the year 2023!

At the time, no one believed, that in such a distant future, like it's been a year 2023, nobody knows anymore, what the heck is this?, even fewer drive it. But luckily, some "crazy people" remember - they remember cage stories, scents and emotions.
Fair people, now go to the garages to put the machines, so that the trellis history can continue!
2023.keywords and innovations of the season

  • This season we will ride in six stages! See the competition calendar. The worst stage is calculated at the end of the season.

  • Winter ride on Kuremaa lake "EV 105 on the fences" + PARTY. 25.In February, we are waiting for you all to drive to the ice track of Kuremaa lake, where the first endurance race stage of the cup series takes place. We celebrate Estonia 105. birthday first with a race and then we warm ourselves up with a sauna at Udu farm and a nice get-together. Püstitame järve äärde suure sooja telgi, kus pakume kuuma suppi ja teed (soojarohu, külmarohu võtab igaüks ise kaasa 🙂). Oluline info – of pounds, piikide ja kettidega on sõitmine keelatud. Esimese etapi täpsem juhend ilmub peagi!
    Kahjuks on jäärajal sõitmine sõltuv ilmaoludest, mistõttu peab olema valmis ka selleks, et etapp jääb ära või läheb käiku plaan B või sõit lükkub edasi järgmisesse talve. Täpsem info ilmub “EV 105 võrridel” juhendisse.

  • Sel hooajal sõidame veel kahel uuel rajal: Kundas ja Koerus. Kundas jagame lava koos murutraktoritega ja Koerus teeme põneva 12-tunnise öösõidu. Koeru rajal saavad sõita ka minid ja sprindivõrrid, so another big get-together and a nice time is coming.
    Some riders ask, because the next 24h ride is coming up, others are waiting for asphalt and circuit driving – let's do it! But let's place them in the following years – there is something to look forward to, e.g!

  • MinID. We look forward to more children's participation in the mini series. We understand, that children admire "big" and fast goalkeepers and want to be like them or maybe even better - they want to compete for places, also want to win trophies, want to be part of a team.
    To make their rides more exciting, we run the mini races in a similar way to the sprint format - stage points are collected with each race and a season summary is held. Like always, children up to 13 years old can participate in the minis (including) boys and girls until 50 cm3 with two-wheelers and, of course, with inflatables.

  • Review the technical terms – very important!
    The retro class is now spelled out clearly, what is allowed and what is not allowed, to keep retro still retro!
    In the original class, the technical conditions of the engine have also changed – look over! You can always contact Rein Pärt and Tenno Alamaa regarding the technical conditions, to discuss things etc.

  • NB! 2023 there was a requirement in the technical conditions, that the rear number must be legibly placed on the cage. However, especially at the request of open-class riders, the back number can be only on the shirt (sufficiently large and clearly visible).

  • In the new season, it is planned to carry out technical inspections after the competition, so be prepared!