“KIU NIGHT PEACE” is the 12-hour endurance stage of the Punnværri Cup series. The ride takes place in E20Service areas (Page 4, Kiiu, Kuusalu municipality). The track consists of both asphalt, freesasfaldist, gravel as well as soil.


The date of the competition: 17.-18.06.2023
15:30 – 16:00 Sprint Registration 15:45 – 16:30 Reconnaissance 17:00 Sprint starts
17:00 – 20:00 Registration of duration and minis
20:00 MINI test rounds and START
20:40 – 21:00 Endurance trials
21:00 Awarding of sprint and minis
22:00 Endurance race start (endurance 12 hours)
10:30 Rewarding
* The organizers reserve the right to change the schedule.


❗️The pit area is on asphalt, therefore, the asphalt must remain healthy and clean. Consider, that no holes can be made in the asphalt to attach tents, and either a tent OR a car is allowed in the pit area. Mats down in the repair areas! ❗️There is free soup for riders, and other good and better things can be bought at Arturi's shashlik bar -25% cheaper. (on the basis of the wristband)❗️Keevitusvõimalus there. ❗️How come- while taillights are also mandatory from sunset to sunrise.‼️In addition, all PRE-REGISTERED people have the opportunity to receive a free competition shirt with a grid number from our main sponsor.



RETRO (wait Dega)THE ORIGINAL FREE (the Chinese travel in the free class)


Entry fee 50 EUR, Participation in the RETRO class is FREE!Please pre-register by June 10 at the latest 2023, because only for them we guarantee competition shirts‼️Registration lasts until the morning of the race day!!
Please transfer the participation fee to the following account:PILLE RUE EE772200221047867098explanation: Serial number and class (nt. RETRO 70)
NB!Payment can only be made in cash on site
NB! Check out the technical terms and rules of the series. There are some changes. Technical specifications:


To register for the Sprint competition, please transfer the participation fee to the account of the NGO Võrr39
Current account:EE562200221061758264NGO Võrr39The explanation for the observed: name of contestant, contact phone number, sprint, Something, stardinumber, office or club
Solo 15.-Baskets 25.-


OriginalStandard 40+ (age 40-… years of age)Standard – 40 (age 1-39 years)Open -40+ (age 40-… years of age)Open -40 (age 1-39 years)HiinakadPowerful 100 kg +Sidecars
‼️The class opens in case, where are enrolled at least 3 competitor.
Otherwise, contestants will be placed in the closest similar class.Sprint argue about the number of laps to clear the site, given the severity of the runway and the wishes of competitors. In case of dispute, when the vote! An equalizing the chief judge decides!
Safety equipment requirements and technical conditions for the race bikes will be available:


Read more about the structure and innovations of the mini cup series here:


  • Everyone up to the age of 13 is welcome to ride (including) Motto friends and -huvilised, who has a competition tool to find a leg shaker or other two-wheeled machine up to 50cc suitable for growth.
  • Minis get on the track for FREE. It is important to register the competitor in advance (the link is below).
  • Minis will be given a start after the end of the sprint races at approximately 20:00 (if necessary, the start can be postponed, but not later than 20:30).
  • Come early, then you can explore the track.
  • The ride continues 20 minutes.
  • All competitors who participated in the stage will receive a medal and a small nipple bag. The first six finishers will also receive a trophy and a prize bag.
  • Notice, that between drivers who participated in at least three stages, regardless of the outcome, at the end of the season, a real PUNNVÝRR will be drawn.
  • Challenge yourself, because everyone wins, who come to the track!
  • More information Rein Pärt, as 5656 4798

Registration link:
Competitors list: