Sprint 3. Step Pärnu-Jaagupi

Sprint 3. Step Pärnu-Jaagupi

Võrrivõidu ride .sprint 4 Stage
Kthreat: Pärnu-Jaagupi
Korraldaja: Saku Sääruklubi

Original (retro)
Standard age -25 a.
Standard age 25+ a.
Powerful 100+
Starting with the order on the spot. The same as in the previous step.

Registration 11.00 – 11.45
Training Races 11.45 – 12.30
Meeting 12.40
Heats 13.00

Registration is mandatory for competitions.
Registration 14 August – 20 August

Entry fee to transfer the invoice number LHV . EE 317700771003129990 NGO Saku Sääruklubi. Indicate the class, them, number. Entry fee is soolodel 10 EUR. and külgkorvidel 20 EUR. Entry fee includes a first trophies and souvenirs rest. Mopeds and passenger equipment must comply with the conditions of the race (You can read about www.sakusaaruklubi.ee).

Lisa info.saku.saaru@mail.ee
55698781 Virgo

Number of rounds to discuss the site.
NB: Who's ceremony is no reward, meenest without.
Meet Pärnu-Jaagupi!