Mulk Winter

Mulk Winter


Võistluste aeg: 19. February. 2017.

Võistluste koht: Viljandimaa, Abja Gymnasium -Paluoja apple garden

Võistluste määrang: Mulk Winter


  • Pitbike 1.Mini MX Hobi, Mini MX Open

2. Mini MX Semi 88

  • Võrrid 1. solo bikes, originaal, standard, open j.n.e.

1.start soolovõrrid, 2. start Mini MX Semi 88, 3. start Mini MX Open+ Hobi.


Korraldaja: Abja Gymnasium Equipment ring "Corr"

President of the Jury: Tarmo Raba 5218743/

Head of the Judiciary help: Liina Valt/ Elen Raba

The driver of the day: Endel Purju


Hereby waive any of its rights or any action to complain of my negligence for the damages caused by a person or whatever Abja Õunaaia organizers, owners, judges, and all other persons and participants, who has been involved in the event, against, which arose under the property or the person suffers injury, including paralysis and death events, and participating in various parts of the. I am aware of yourself and your property ohuriskist, valmistutudes advance and participating in the event and its various parts, and on the basis of their own personal decision-making ability and skills, I will assume all of the risks and here I agree to reimburse all costs to individuals and organizations involved in the event of my damages arising from negligent conduct.

Less than competitor 18a mandatory presence of a parent, because the on-site registration must complete responsibility for the page.

The competitor competes on his own responsibility,, the scene of the medical staff in first aid.


Registration site in front of the garage 9:00-10:00

Reconnaissance 10:00-11:00

Meeting 11:10

Heats 11:30

The length of trips 10 round.

In all võistlusklassidel 2 start-up.

  1. start soolovõrrid, 2. start Mini MX Semi 88, 3. start Mini MX Open+ Hobi.

The organizer reserves the right to contest the organization, Starter sizes, schedule change.


Off-road registration begins 13.02-19.02.

Võistlusstartti shooting will take place in order of registration.

Entry fee: Mini MX 20.-eur. Võrrid 10.-eur.

The registration of competitors only by e-mail: (Something, candidate number, in front of- and surname). The competition number must be a contestant on the back, as well as front-wheel race. When the competition number is repeated, you have the right to use eelisregistreerujal.

All competitors on the ground of responsibility necessary to draw Report page. Minors need parental presence Competitors.


The race course is situated in Abja-Paluoja Secondary School apple garden

Track length ~ 900m. Compete for a normal, may be used to cut, lamelliks.

Car parking Gymnasium is located in the courtyard to the site and its surroundings, then guided precisely.(having reached a better place in the past box).

The machine must be running the race, both brakes.


Awards ceremony will take place after the end of the journey. honors the best.

Mandatory for all competitors MOTOKROSSI PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT.

Tel:5218743 Tarmo

Welcome to the land of Mulk!