DIGI bang and PUNNVÕRR Vinnis

Attention! Additional information!

To respond to the wishes of numerous võistlejatehordide, homes with "more evil than" amateur pills, We added a second class in, you are waiting for "Saku" standard = "durability" of Sports- riders. The competition in this class will be a separate trophy for, this case, the, if this class participates in at least five teams. Therefore, please check the note, which class it. Open-pills this contest, however, is not suitable.

Competition classes are then two:

  1. Originaal=Retro, China Standard (tuunimata original class), Baskets (so 50 when 80)
  2. Saku Standard = Kestvuse Sport

For clarity, please note registration class in the box 1 or 2.
Final determination of suitability, The class to which the vehicle belongs to, determined by the technical committee on the ground.


The event DIGI bang and PUNNVÕRR Vinnis will take place 10. May the long awaited Winnie the tongue of father-son võrrivõidusõit.
They will exchange at least one hour's journey, where one team is represented by a relative of the interconnected (kärgpered is also favored by) Persons of different generations. Of course, in addition to fathers and sons, mothers and daughters are invited to participate in the, grandmothers and grandfathers. Teams are 2 members. Case, if there are more members, are allowed to form more teams by carrying one of the contestants, and the other team will lend (for example, the two sons of flying different teams and their father's travels each team, But the team certainly has both a minimum 1 arrangements for the exchange to take place, Thus, the father has to run at least one lap for each team).
Relative to ensure equality of the vehicle's original track suit = Retro, China Standard (tuunimata original class), Baskets (so 50 when 80). All other potential organizers imevigurite path will be decided on the spot. This driver must have a proper safety helmet (a bicycle helmet, and "salvokas" is not suitable for) and boots, covering the ankle. Suggestion to have all sorts of other protection.
The competition fee is not, Pre-registration organizer's website www.vinnipunn.ee (Net with no option, by phone 55599514) mandatory until 1.Main. Later entrants may indeed drive, but the prize- and does not participate in loosijahis!
Prize winners table as if all participants!
Võrrivõidusõidu the track opened for training and the wheels are controlled from kl 15.00- 15.45or.

Must 16.00-17.00 Contest!
At 17.30-Rewarding

The event DIGI bang and PUNNVÕRR Vinnis agenda can be seen in the website of the organizer: www.vinnipunn.ee

Lisainfo tel 58081829
e-mail: mart@surimuri.ee