Abja apple orchard 2018

Abja apple orchard 2018


Võistluste aeg: 13. October 2018
Võistluste koht: Viljandimaa, Abja-Paluoja, Abja Gymnasium apple orchard.
Võistluste määrang: Abja apple orchard 2018

Soolovõrrid: standard, retro, open, hiinakas, originaal.
Pitbiked: Semid -88cc.
Pitbiked: Mini MX ( 50-200cc)

II. competitions

Korraldaja: Abja Gymnasium Equipment ring "Corr"
President of the Jury: Tarmo Raba, as 5218743, e-mail Tarmo5@hot.ee
Head of the Judiciary help: Liina Valt / Elen Use
Before the race to be fit tested the machine and rider equipment.


Hereby waive any of its rights or any action on my complaint for damage resulting from carelessness, or whatever party organizers Abja õunaaia, owners, judges and all other persons and shareholders, who has been involved in the event, against, which arose under the property or the person suffers injury, including paralysis and death events, and participating in various parts of the. I am aware of yourself and your property ohuriskist, and participating in the preparation of the event and its various parts, and based on their own personal decision-making ability and skills, I will assume all of the risks and here I agree to reimburse all costs to individuals and organizations involved in the event of my damages arising from negligent conduct.

At the 18th. The presence of a parent competitor mandatory, because the on-site registration must complete responsibility for the page.

The competitor competes on his own responsibility,, the scene of a medical professional, who gives first aid if necessary.


On-site registration and technical inspection of the race with the bike 09:00-10:30

Reconnaissance 10:30-11:00 (3 round, soolovõrrid, pitbiked)
Heats 11:30
The length of trips 7 round.

Soolovõrrid start all together, Semid start all together, Mini MX will start according to the number of registered. Starter given the different starting points, it is said. All Classes sail 3 start. The points are added up and the winner of the highest number of points accumulated competitor.


1. Semid
2. Soolovõrrid
3. Mini MX

The organizer reserves the right to modify the schedule and organization of the competition.


Pre-registration mandatory for all, to announce the participation of- Tarmo5@hot.ee e-mail or mobile phone message 5218743, Class note, them, competition number. Entry fee 15 € soolovõrrid, 30 € Pitbike klassidel. Entry fee is paid 13.10.2018 morning by registering on the site. Pre-registration ends 09.10.2018 must 17:00. Who by this time has not signed up to be on the spot to pay € 10 +.


The race course is situated in Abja-Paluoja Abja Gymnasium apple garden. It has renewed the trees around the meandering lanes. Lap length of approximately 1100m.


Awards ceremony will take place after the end of the journey. Prizes for the best.

Info phone:5218743 Tarmo,