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Vurrientusiast Manor Village at Le Mans: Three hours is the maximum time one driver for driving
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Moisakula town 11. and 12. July punnvõrride daily endurance race
"24h LeMans Village Manor" during the activities and projects

Friday 11.07.2014
• Manor in the center of the village opposite the bus station opened at the Museum 10:00 – 17:30
You can see the display of "Smoke, Vodka and women, "and, of course, a permanent exhibition, which introduces Moisakula history from the emergence of urban, urban education- and cultural and sporting activities. The museum is undoubtedly the most valuable exhibits Mõisakülast grown Olympian, Arnold Luhaäär heavyweight weightlifter Olympic medals. Booklet or visit the companionship of a wristband for FREE! Possibility to use the toilet.
• the main street on the edge of the open starting at 21:00 Siliina söögimaja, which offers a cozy and homey meals being. Doors open late. Step out!
• Fire in the park Friday and Saturday evening allowed camping.
• Võrrisõidu steps up and makes music in the context of a local band UDO.
• The old stadium Those wishing to make himself feel like a campfire.


It is possible to book yourself a good sleep Mõisakülast 3km. from Kamara.
Offer 5 tuba (1-2 per room). Contact Person Urmas, as. 50 41 087

Mõisakülas inside the camps offer a four-seater. Contact Person Echo Law, as. 56 986 235
NB! Christian Territory – not consume alcohol!
Put the contact can book yourself a good night sleep city apartment for up to 5 people.
Saturday 12.06.2014
• In the morning, at 8:00 opened in a sauna. Scooters to winning the drivers sauna visit for free!
Ladies sauna 10:00 – 12:00 At other times, the visitors to the sauna of their own between visits spot once agreed upon. Bath opened up 20:00.
• 9:00 Fair starts at the old stadium. COME! PREVENT! SELL! CHANGE!
Come and enjoy a memorable weekend for the whole family with a heart of summer Mõisakülas ardent võrrivõidusõitjate and many visitors from outside!


Moisakula 2014 guide

Introduction to Track

Registered contestants

Alsonvõrride Kestvussõidu Karikasarja "PunKK 2014 " 3. Stage:24h Moisakula LeMans
11. – 12. July 2014

Schedule and event guide


14:and – 16:Nightfall
14:3the – 17:Registration oo, Technical Commission
16:and – 17:oo Reconnaissance. Mandatory wearing of safety equipment on the runway!

NB! Safety equipment on all reasonable period of time in order, the later start will not be postponed.

17:1the – 17:2o Opening Ceremony. Speeches.
17:2the – 17:45 The parade round the town center and ajavõtuseadmete control.
17:45 – 17:59 Takeoff lining.

18.and Start! 24 hour journey begins.


18:and Finish! Mopeds are silent, Competitors return to the saddle.

18:and – 19:oo recapitulation
19:3o Rewarding. Possibly the beginning of a change in an earlier time.


  1. Retro
  2. Sport
  3. Hiinakad
  4. Free class for special visitors


Location: South Africa, Viljandimaa, Moisakula City. Valga-Uulu turn off the road to the bus stop in Manor Village Manor Village towards the crossroads and drive 2,3 km. Inside the town of Pärnu street road signs in the form of new instructions. Reserve pit is allowed to park only in the lab equipment required for the necessary equipment and trailers. Special parking cars city-stadium spectators võrrisõpradele.Parkimist helkurvestides co-ordinate the management team.


The trail follows an old railroad competition within the plant, city ​​streets, vanal raudtee tammil.
Lap length of approximately 1.4 km.
Runway surface varies. Gravel, asphalt, loose soil, Wall.

Technical Committee

The technical committee of judges will be carried out in a tent by the judges. We recommend that you come in as early as possible tehn.komisjoni, in order to avoid eventual saturation.
The Technical Committee will consider the technical condition of the racing wheel, crew safety equipment and fee receipts, Wristbands are separated and given a small souvenir of the crews. To 16 Annual (including) Competitors are allowed to compete without the participation of free, However, it is required by their parent or guardian written authorization.

NB! As in the previous two steps endurance race this season, is also required to wear race number back view. Number may confirm or contest the wheel to paste, shirt, jacket or helmet (of tape can also be used). Since the numbers are even allowed to wear a helmet, it follows that at least the required minimum height of the plate is 50 mm (hopefully, install a larger outfit). This number must be clearly legible from the surface of the aerial.

The Team consists of 2 to 4 members from.

The Technical Committee shall be displayed at any one time members of the team.

Safety equipment is not required to contribute to the technical, but this requirement is checked during the journey, and violators be removed from stage equipment for assembly.

Mandatory safety equipment: motokiiver (construction- and a bicycle helmet is not allowed), long sleeves shirt, jacket or the like., trousers, boots, gloves.

Recommended safety equipment: lõuakaitsmega helmet camera, Knee- elbow and fuses, goggles, visiir VMS. appearance of the protective equipment element. Security equipment can be configured in compliance with the requirements of the Technical Commission for. Security requirements and the technical condition of the rear can be accessed

Retroklassis those wishing to take part must be removed for technical inspection süütekaas.

Track test drive is allowed to go to The competitors, who are enrolled or have wristbands, whose racing wheel is attached to a license plate, and who use the safety equipment requirements. Reconnaissance will take place according to schedule.

Rally Wheel understood punnvõrri, which kept during the competition at least the same frame and karteripooled ( It is prohibited to place or replace the engine number to another võrrile).

After the competition are invited contestants selected in accordance with the decision of the judges as additional control, confirm compliance with the technical requirements which motor.

Judges have the right to competitors and / or teams to warn and / or to disqualify.

Refusal of additional checks equal to the disqualification.

Start and Race

Start going dormant engines. Start-up tone, the judge in a red and a green flag means. Võistlusklassid retro, Sports and Chinks (vt. Specifications) compete with the, but are accounted for as separate. Driving lasts twenty-four hours. Time control provides ajavõtupoomi at the clock beside the big time, and signal the end of the judges.

Pilot exchange the runway is located next to a special Transition. Transition area may be present but are waiting to ride to or from returning fully equipped racers. Alas Exchange refueling is banned! Repair and refueling is carried out in the field box, traversed must be carried out safely.
When driving down the lane to signal fellow contestants show of hands, to avoid collisions.
Start sequence of registreerimisjärjestusele. Contestants are invited to a runway before take-off, and performed registreeringujärjekorras qualifying round and evenly spaced from one another outstanding. Reaching the start line shows the judge a competitor in pole position.

Throughout the event stays in the box in the technical assistance, Equipped with a welding machine, metallilõikuri, compressor and other necessary.

At night-time 23:and – 04:and is mandatory for at least one white light lamp from the front and red rear view when attached to either side or passenger võrri. NB! Confirmed lamp must be sure to work in mp. shed light on the prescribed period. Non-combustible lighting is considered technical defects in the pit area and the ride is guided to rectify the defect.

All comments, Findings and enforcement of rules and course of the race protests / non-compliance must be submitted Technical Referee, Who has the right to demand feedback within reasonable time, taking into account the circumstances of a potential violation.

Prize giving and competition Termination

The award ceremony will be conducted approximately one and a half hours after the granting of finishimärguande. If possible, it may start earlier. Trophies will be awarded to three of the top teams.

The event pre-registration

Please transfer the registration fee for participation in the contest 10 EUR-i contestant on (to 16 a. free) account: Ilmar kuusk; Swedbank; account nr.: EE682200001105247233

The explanation for the observed:

  1. Equipe Name
  2. contact phone number
  3. Something (retro, sport, hiinakas)
  4. stardinumber (who endurance race for the first time, issued to them on the spot-free number)
  5. office or club
  6. The number of competitors (2-4).

Please pre-register by 7 July 2014. At the starting line is called the order of registration. On-site registration 20.- EUR. (including 16 a. and younger)


Further questions regarding the organization of the race:

5172448 Ilmar Kuusk

53938220 Alar Johanson