03.September “Grand Final”, Sprint- and the endurance race!

03.September “Grand Final”, Sprint- and the endurance race!


10.00-11.00 Sprint Registration
10.30-11.00 Team sports
11.10 Meeting
11.30-15.30 Sprint
13.00-16.00 Attendance soup
14.00-15.30 The duration of the registration
15.30-16.00 Duration of training
16.30-19.30 3H team endurance race
20.00 Termination of the festive season,Ceremony and Annual Summary.

Who wants to spend the night,commits itself to the liking ööbimisvahendi(telgi,caravan,auto vm.)

Evening with the stay takes everyone along to your favorite snacking and drinks, and share them with others kindly.

9.30 Sunday morning breakfast, porridge and coffee.

Competition information

Saaremaa Võrrivõidusõit 6 sprindi etapp 03.09.2016
Place:Saaremaa, Orissaare parish Tagavere
Korraldaja: Saku Sääruklubi
Võistlusklassid: and the starting order
1.Original ( Retro)
3.Standard 25+ (sport)
4.Standard -25 (sport)
7.Sidecars 50cc
8.Powerful 100 kg
9.Sidecars 80cc
Registration 10.00-11.00
Training Races 10.30 -11.00
Meeting 11.10
Heats 11.30
Award ceremony closing party
eating the soup 13.00-16.00
The event is a mandatory pre-registration.
You can register 25.08-31.08. 2016
Entry fee to transfer the invoice number EE813300332811840004 NGO Saku Sääruklubi.
Indicate the class,them,number. Entry fee is soolodel 10 EUR. and külgkorvidel 20 EUR. Entry fee includes a first trophies and souvenirs rest. Mopeds and passenger equipment must comply with the conditions of the race (You can read about www.sakusaaruklubi.ee ).
Lisa info.saku.saaru@mail.ee 55698781 Virgo
The first one starts and the other was for the first three teistpidi..Autasustatakse karikatega.Ülejäänutele everybody has souvenirs.
NB: Who's ceremony is no reward ,meenest without.
Participants will also receive a soup to eat!
Meet Saaremaa

03.09 Saaremaa "Grande Finale"!

A great season "Grande Finale" and the closing party 03.septembril 2016 Saaremaa Rear Veres
Kestvusõidu schedule:
14.00-15.30 Registration, Technical Commission
15 30-16.00Reconnaissance, Training rides
16.30-19.30 Inciting victory
19.30-20.00 recapitulation, Technical follow-up
20.00 Ceremony and Annual Summary.
The trail entirely mown field.
Entry fee is 31 August (including) 40eur.meeskond.
MTÜ Saku Sääruklubi EE813300332811840004
The explanation for the observed:Equipe Name, contact phone number, Something (retro,sport,hiinakas),stardinumber (who endurance race for the first time, Free registration number issued to them on the spot), The number of competitors (2-4).
Since 01. September entry fee 50 eur.meeskond
Starting position is shared on the basis of current ranking
Technical Condition:
The Technical Committee must appear on the retro-class open süütekaanega.
Start going dormant engines.
Before the start, you may need to test the performance of a test lap ringilugemiskiipide.
Each participant is allowed to go to the track to race your race number registered under quitar.
Judges have the power to punish for violations ranging from a warning to a team disqualification.
The area can only park the pit contestants
Boksiala driving on the lawn!
We ask all of its own to clean up.
Audiences at the soup 13.00-16.00
Evening session takes everyone Dinners,drinks included, and shares them with everyone.See the BASIC RULES
Lisa info
www.sakusaaruklubi.ee; Virgo 55 698781

NB: There is no spot keevitamisvõimalus!