Sürgavere võrr 2016, Market day, VILLAGE DAY


Dates: 10.09.2016

Location: Sürgavere village, Great- St. John Parish, Viljandimaa. Sürgavere central settlements.

Korraldaja: Sürgavere Village Society NGO.

The head referee-hole champion: Kalev Raba 5296800

Judge- circle of readers: Liina Valt


Each masinaklassil 2 start.




4. BASKETS vs. 50cc 80cc

5. YOUTH - 15 a. k.a.

6.105+ kg.


* Gathering and registration 10.00 – 11.30

* Reconnaissance 11.30 – 12.00

* Fair Opening, Opening speeches 12.00

* 1. Start ORIGINAL 12.15

* 2.start OPEN 12.30

* 3.Start BASKETS 50 VS 80 12.45

13.00 Cultural interlude

* 4. Start YOUTH -15 a. k.a. 13.30

* 5. Start WOMEN 13.40

* 6. start 105+ kg. 13.50

14.00 Cultural interlude

14.45 The museum Hour

* 1. restart ORIGINAL 15.30

* 2. kordusstart OPEN 15.40

* 3. restart BASKETS 50 VS 80 15.50

16.00 Cultural interlude

* 4. restart YOUTH -15 a. k.a. 16.30

* 5. restart WOMEN 16.40

* 6. restart 105+ kg. 16.50

* Võrrisõitjate ceremony 17.00- 17.15

17.15 Cultural interlude

18.00 * Mid term, Sponsored ceremony

18.30 Sürgavere "Strongman"

20.00 Foam inside Sürgavere 'championship in football. "

21.00 So many, plays the Grateful Dead, and Ain Arula alternately.

Prizes are three places cups, all participants 1 a bag of potatoes. Baskets 80 vs 50 common start, 50- pole start 5 seconds before 80- are.

Pre-registration mandatory for all, to announce the participation of- kalev.raba@gmail.com or email message to a mobile 5296800, Class note, them, competition number. Entry fee 10 Paid € 10.09.2016 morning by registering on the site. Pre-registration ends 09.09.2016 must 17.00.

Fair Dealing and cultural events alternate line võrrisõitudega. Every hour cultural program.

About Sürgavere find on the web www.syrgavere.ee ,




Säärudel all classes must be working on the front- and tagapidur. Passengers mandatory Gloves , Fuses, compliant helmet, Boots must cover the ankle. Fuses protect you in case of a fall! Passengers must be aware of dangers, responsible for their injuries, drive is optional, The Organiser will not be held liable for your injuries. Drive sensibly! Members of the medical staff.


This class sääru not differ in its factory outside the factory system tulnuga.Väljalaske, Ignition contacts, The original carburetor. Must, mirror, vändad, luggage rack and lights do not need to be attached.


In this class are permitted, all relatively. Engine displacement must not become a, It must be possible to identify the, that it has never been sääruga. Alternatives to the use of Chinese 50cc engine. Frame-free, variaator prohibited.

*KLASS KORVID 50cc VS 80cc

Permitted engine, the same conditions, in OPEN class. Baskets 80cc engine to use 80-se. Also this year, we will put viiekümnesed 5 seconds before the track and see whether kaheksakümnesed is able to catch up.


Women will compete in this engine class, Standard võrridega, as it allows your Saku Sääruklubi Cup.

* CLASS 105+ KG.

In this machine class, with contestants must weigh at events at least 105 kg. Sääru should comply with the conditions of the original class.


Standard Mopeds and competitors who have not completed 16 years. Particularly welcome young, Pre-race lacking experience, ever since the first time must still be.