Viljandi võrr 2021

Viljandi võrr 2021

Opening of Viljandi Hobby School Technical House VS Viljandi VÕRR 2021

Competition information 02.07.2021

Place: On the square behind Viljandi Decora
Korraldaja: Viljandi Equipment Interesting School House
Course Designer: Toomas Raba, Tarmo Raba
Judge, circle of readers: Margit Simenson

1. Soolovõrrid (originaal, standard, retro, Girls, hiinakad)
2. Pitbiked: Semid -88cc.
3. Pitbiked: Semid-88cc juunior

Competition classes sail 2 ride.

• Registration 13:00
• Getting to know the track 13:30 -13:50 (one round for each competitor – semi junior, soolovõrrid, semid)
• Opening of the event 14.00
• Starts 15:00

Starting with the sequence of:
1. Semid juunior
2. Soolovõrrid
3. Semid
The competition will be held jointly by the wheel starts classes. Who used to be in the start box, it can also choose a better starting point. We agreed on a number of rounds at the meeting spot. Circles are read manually, therefore, a small time interval between starts must be taken into account.

Mandatory pre-registration for competitions by mail

You can register 21.06 – 30.06.2021.
Indicate Something, them, number.

There is no entry fee for the opening event. The award ceremony will take place after the races, all participants will be rewarded. Equals, passenger equipment must meet safety and technical requirements.

Additional information:, Tarmo 5218743
All competition on wheels (Mopeds, semid) both brakes must be applied at the front and at the rear.
The start of the equals takes place with the engines stopped, the engines are running.
The competitor competes on his own responsibility,. There is a medical professional at the scene, who gives first aid if necessary.

Drive sensibly!
We ask all of its own to clean up!