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Sargvere Sääru 2013
Schedule and event guide

Agenda 18. May 2013:

10.00-11.30 arrival
10.30 -12.30 registration, Technical Commission
11.30-12.30 Reconnaissance
12.45 Opening Ceremony
13.00-16.00 Incitement victory
16.30-….. recapitulation, Rewarding
Location - Järvamaa, Paid parish, Sargvere village. Tallinn-Tartu mnt. 94 km Mäekülas pay half Koeru. 2 km after, Sargvere a roadside signs directing.
Reserve pit contestants are allowed to park cars and trailers with the necessary equipment. The remaining vehicles will remain the spectator parking lot, which is marked.
Technical Committee:
The technical committee of judges will be carried out in a tent by the judges.
We recommend that you come in as early as possible tehn.komisjoni, in order to avoid eventual saturation.
The Technical Committee will consider the technical condition of the racing wheel, crew safety equipment and fee receipts, allocated wristbands. To 16 Annual (including) Competitors are allowed to compete without the participation of free, but it is required by their parent or guardian gives written consent. As the season avaetapp, then all contestants sign a declaration of ownership, and they are issued a new number plate with a microchip ( previously enrolled in the endurance races will remain the same request võislusnumber, which last season ). The Team consists of 2 to 4 members from.
The Technical Committee shall be displayed at all team members at a time, and mandatory safety equipment: helmet, long sleeves shirt, jacket or the like., trousers, Covering the ankle shoes (boots), gloves. Suggested: lõuakaitsmega helmet camera, knee - and elbow protectors
Standard class for those who wish to take part must be removed for technical inspection süütekaas.
Track test drive is allowed to go to The competitors, who are enrolled or have wristbands, whose racing wheel is attached to a license plate, and who use the safety equipment requirements. Reconnaissance will take place according to schedule
Rally Wheel understood punnvõrri, which kept during the competition at least the same frame and karteripooled (or is prohibited to place or replace the engine number to another võrrile).
After the competition are invited contestants selected in accordance with the decision of the judges as additional control, confirm compliance with the technical requirements which motor.
Judges have the right to competitors and / or teams to warn and / or to disqualify.
Start and Race:
Start going dormant engines. Start-up tone, the judge in a red and a green flag means. Classes of competition standard and technicians (vt. Specifications) compete with the, but are accounted for as separate. Travel duration is three hours. Time control provides ajavõtupoomi at the clock beside the big time, and signal the end of the judges.
Circuit is running on a flat surface, rising / decreasing. Lap length of approximately 800-900 m.
Raja cover the gravel road, Senior asphalt, grass, and some of the holes. They are all about one third of the total length. Grass Earth turns on asphalt and gravel fairly steep - in case of rain slippery sections. Quite twisty trail.
Driver changes and refueling võrri special transition area is located next to the runway. Repairs carried out box. Pit area must be made safe for passage!
Throughout the event stays in the box in the technical assistance, Equipped with a welding machine, metal cutter, compressor and other necessary.

At the end of the race shall notify the President of the ceremony start time.

Prize giving and competition Termination:
The ceremony will be conducted at the pedestal.
Awards are given to the three top teams in both divisions.
All participants are expected to delicious meat soups at the soup box in a tent

The event pre-registration:

Please transfer the registration fee for participation in the contest 10 EUR-i contestant on (to 16 a. free) account:
KALMER ANTON a/a 1104853851. The explanation for the observed:
Equipe Name
contact phone number
Something (standard or technicians)
stardinumber (who endurance race for the first time, issued to them on the spot-free number)
office or club
The number of competitors (2-4).

Please sign up in advance at least 15. Mike 2013.
See Sargvere
The light pipe and a spark of an eye!
PunKK 2013 active
Additional information :
Sargvere Sääru 2013 Organisers
Kalmer Anton tel: 50 61 200
Tarmo Müller wire: 53 442 179

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