Rakvere, 3. Step endurance race

Rakvere, 3. Step endurance race

11. June Mädapea rally track endurance Phase III

RETROPIDU 90`, The celebration of the municipality of Rakvere 25. anniversary

Schedule and event guide

Dates 11. June 2016

Location - West-Viru County, Rakvere parish, Mädapea village, Aru. Rakvere-Jõepere (149) mnt. 4,2 kilometer. Rakvere Coming 4,2 km, turn right (senior signpost 2 km) poole. 300 m after the left sides of the road signs and guiding track. http://www.rallirada.ee/kontakt/

Reserve pit contestants are allowed to park cars and trailers with the necessary equipment. The remaining vehicles will remain the spectator parking lot, which is marked.

Circuit is running on a flat surface, rising / decreasing. Lap length of approximately 1300 m.
The track is built on agricultural land which is hard tamped and leveled.

Pre-registration Võislustele:
09..00 – 11.00 registration
11.00 – 11.30 Reconnaissance
11.45 opening, Competitor's Meeting
12.00 – 17.00 Incitement victory
15.30 – 16.30 šõusõidu Registration
17.15 – 18.00 šõusõit celebrate municipality 25. anniversary
18.00 – 18.30 Ceremonial closing, riders will


  • Retro
  • Sport
  • Hiinakad
  • Šõusõiduks authorizing the tracks until all of 50cm3 iseliikurid both single kahekäigulised

Arrival, Technical Commission:
The technical committee of judges will be carried out in a tent by the judges.

The Technical Commission shall check the technical condition of the bike race and the participation fee receipt. To 16 Annual (including) must submit a written permission of a parent or caregiver (Available as a website www.punnvorr.ee and on the spot). All participants will sign a declaration of ownership, and those who are for the first time in competitions, issued a new number plaque with timing chips (who is this season's number issued, glued around the chip reading).

Only šõusõidus participants do not have to go through the technical.

NB! The duration of the race are mandatory to wear a race number and rear view. Number may confirm or contest the wheel to paste, shirt, jacket or helmet (of tape can also be used). Since the numbers are even allowed to wear a helmet, it follows that at least the required minimum height of the plate is 50 mm ( hopefully, install a larger outfit ). This number must be clearly visible from the surface onto portable.

The Team consists of 2 to 4 members from.

The Technical Committee shall be displayed at a time, each team member, but need not be mandatory safety equipment, However, during the competition, which is constantly checked. Mandatory moto helmet chin protection (šõusõidus has allowed all the motor cycle helmets, construction - and a bicycle helmet is not allowed), long sleeves shirt, jacket or the like., trousers, Covering the ankle shoes (boots), gloves. Suggested: knee - and elbow protectors. Safety requirements and technical conditions can be found www.punnvorr.ee

Retroklassis those wishing to take part must be removed for technical inspection süütekaas.

Track test drive is allowed to go to The competitors, who have registered, whose racing wheel is attached to a license plate, and who use the safety equipment requirements. Reconnaissance will take place according to schedule.

Rally Wheel understood punnvõrri, which is stored during the competition, at least within the same framework (It is prohibited to place or number to another võrrile).

The engine is allowed according to the rules established:

  • The engine must be completely disassembled.
  • Bearings may be inside the crankcase housed bearings.
  • Engine coordinating the exchange of a judge, who gives permission in advance with the disassembly of the engine and controls the communication process with the established rules.

After the competition are invited contestants selected in accordance with the decision of the judges as additional control, which confirm compliance with the technical requirements of the engine and suspension. Before engine disassembly, on the ground that the possibility to wash and dry, in order to avoid damage to the engine.

Judges have the right to competitors and / or teams to warn and / or to disqualify.
Refusal of additional checks equal to the disqualification.

Start and Race:

Start going dormant engines. Start-up tone, the judge in a red and a green flag means. Võistlusklassid retro, Sports and Chinks (vt. Specifications) compete with the, but are accounted for as separate. Ride lasts for five hours.

Driver changes and refueling võrri the runway is located next to a special Transition. Repairs carried out box. Pit area must be made safe for passage!

Throughout the event stays in the box in the technical assistance, Equipped with a welding machine, metal cutter and the compressors

Prize giving and competition Termination:
The award ceremony will be conducted at approximately pedestal 30 minutes after the end of the journey.

Trophies will be awarded to three of the top teams. All the remaining contestants a small keepsake.

Sponsors are also laid out a number of special prizes!!!


The event pre-registration:

Please transfer the registration fee for participation in the contest 30 EUR-i team of account: MTÜ Punnvõrr / a EE781700017003468360. The explanation for the observed:

  • Equipe Name
  • contact phone number
  • Something (retro, sport, hiinakas)
  • competition number (who endurance race for the first time, issued to them on the spot-free number)
  • office or club
  • The number of competitors (2-4)
  • Only representatives of the fairer sex drawn teams add up the number of competitors in the word "women”

Šõusõidule Registration:

Ride Registration is free and takes place in a tent on the top of Judges. Who have not previously taken part in the duration of trips, You can check the free plate, you do not need to return.

All participants can also take part in the sauce. Take the lead but the costumes and runway!!!

Pre-registration ends 06. June 2016. Afterwards, you are registered may not divisible souvenirs.

Duration ride participants are invited to the start line in order of registration.
See you at the race track Mädapea (www.rallirada.ee)

The light pipe and a spark of an eye!
PunKK 2016 active

Additional information :
Andres Põldver tel: 50 25 394


Registered contestants

Järjekord first name Number Class Description Club / Location
1 Hannes Blehner 64 Sport Turku
2 Andres Põldver 27 Retro Levala MK
3 Eve Tiivas 5 Retro (Women) Levala MK
4 Aimar Parm 21 Retro Levala MK
5 Joseph Gift 89 Hiinakas Hair
6 Janek Molotov 20 Retro Kiviõli
7 Janek Võõbus 70 Hiinakas Kiikla
8 Tenno Alamaa 15 Sport KV Sääru Team
9 Mati Mõttus 22 Sport Turku
10 Veiko Rivet 28 Retro Paid
11 Janek Filippov 44 Retro Soonurme MC
12 Raivo Väljako 84 Hiinakas Hair
13 Janek Kormos 59 Retro Kadrina
14 Ilmar Kuusk 16 Retro Moisakula
15 Father Palm 76 Retro Colony Club Sauna
16 all Asper 8 Retro Paid
17 Gennadi Kink 86 Retro Vao village
18 Marko Saarepera 37 Retro Säärukandi MK
19 Mart Verevmägi 99 Retro doll Võrristajad
20 Janno Tiido 53 Retro Method Võrrimees
21 Sander Jaguson 32 Retro Rakvere
22 Risto ditch 33 Hiinakas Moe 33
23 Ilmar Tamm 12 Sport Paid
24 Eerik Kullamäe 24 Hiinakas Vohnja
25 Timo Reinvald 45 Retro Moisakula
26 Kaido Ristmägi 88 Retro Rakvere
27 Rein Pärt 72 Retro Vaimastvere
28 Kerle Riverfront 100 Retro (Women) Vaimastvere
29 Timo Are 58 Retro Vinni Punn
30 Erkko Noormaa 61 Retro Viru-Nigula MK
31 Diana Soosalu 11 Retro (Women) Rakvere
32 Andres Simson 75 Sport KV Sääru Team
33 Rait Cord 39 Hiinakas Võrr39
34 Aramis Cord 93 Hiinakas Võrr39


POSSIBLE COURSES: http://www.rallirada.ee/meie-rada/