PunKK Grande Finale Vaimastveres

PunKK Grande Finale Vaimastveres

Punnvõrri Cup Grande Finale 2019

"Welcome to the silo hole rally!“

Dates 7. september 2019 Vaimastveres


Items are Vaimastvere village, Jõgeva parish. Coming from Tartu, Turn right off the road Vaimastveres Piibe, Tallinn and Rakvere Coming to the left. Take the U 1 km and then turn left and soon you reach the destination. At intersections there are also links. Google Maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/TDBCRYtJ7H52


A race track is very diverse: woods, meadow, partly gravelly and rocky trail, partly soil track, which is muddy rain. The track passes through the holes in the silage, which is covered by asphalt. A small section trail goes through the pond, which gives the opportunity to drive through the rain water. There is a sudden elevations or depressions, null-Kurve is not, The trail is relatively fast. The trail is about 1,2 km. NB! Important information is also available on Facebook: Search events' Punnvõrr 2019 Grande Finale "or traces of" Thames võrritajad 'group.



Original (retro)

Standard age -25 a.

Standard age 25+ a.



Powerful 100+




Schedule and event guide

8.30 – 9.15 Sprint Registration

9.15 – 9.45 Reconnaissance

9.50 - Competitors meeting

10.00 –14.00 sprint

14.00 - Minide ride and ceremony

NB! Prize-giving ceremony in the evening after the end of the endurance (approximately 19.30)!

21.00 – Afterparty

Registration is mandatory for competitions.

Registration at the latest 2. september.

Sprint have registered, you can view from here: http://bit.ly/Sprint_reg

Entry fee to transfer: MTÜ Vaimastvere Võrriklubi kontole EE122200221059991813

Indicate the class, them, number.

Entry fee is soolodel 10 eur and külgkorvidel 20 EUR.

Mopeds and passenger equipment must meet the conditions of the competition (You can read about www.sakusaaruklubi.ee).

Additional information: Rein Pärt 56564798

Minide ride

NB! After the sprint races at 14.00 MINIDE will drive u 20 my, which will take part in the boys and girls up to 13. the age (including).

Minide mileage Attendance is free, but pre-registration is required, what can be done here: http://bit.ly/Minid_Vaimast

Minide driving participants can be found here: http://bit.ly/Minid3_võistlejad

Everyone is welcome to ride 13 Annual (including) Motto friends and -huvilised, Competition with a tool to find a suitable growth or to sääreväristaja 50 cc saline kaherattaline. Mileage is pretty võrrivõistluse framework, However, a shortened track and lasts ca. 20 minutes.
Driving is the most important part of the driving experience and Attendance, not to finish inside the nose commotion!
Passengers are compulsory safety equipment - helmet, at least, robust Shoes, gloves and long sleeves LEGS.
Register yourself always in advance, because you hope to get loosirattast awards!

Minide series of major sponsor is Tehpack and support Janno Logging, Multiresult OÜ and Pro Air. Prizes will put off Flexa,COOP and FEB and Vaimastveres goes loosirattasse Velostar'By a small krossikas, which will be drawn between those, who has been involved in all stages of the!


Registered Endurance can be viewed here: http://bit.ly/Vaimastv-reg

for the classd:




Schedule and event guide

14.00 - Minide ride and ceremony

14.00 – 15.15 - the duration of the registration

15.15 – 15.45 - reconnaissance

15.45 - Competitors meeting

16.00 – duration start (Incitement victory 3 hours 16.00-19.00). If the start is delayed, finišilipp fall over time 19.00!

19.30 - Season of the, Ceremony and Annual Summary

21.00 – After the award ceremony after party in the morning hours!

* The organizers reserve the right to change the schedule .

Technical Committee:

The technical committee will be carried out registreerimistelgis. The Technical Commission shall check the technical condition of the bike race and the participation fee receipt. To 16 Annual (including) must submit a written permission of a parent or caregiver (punnvõrri available for both the website and on the ground). For those who are first competitions, issued a new number plaque with timing chips (with the number issued, around the chip can be read). Safety requirements and technical conditions can be found www.punnvorr.ee.

The Team consists of 2 to 4 members from. Track test drive is allowed to go to The competitors, who have registered, whose racing wheel is attached to the license plate and the circle of readers. Reconnaissance will take place according to schedule.

Start and Race:

Start going dormant engines. Start sequence of registreerimisjärjestusele. Contestants are invited to a runway before take-off, and performed registreeringujärjekorras qualifying round and evenly spaced from one another outstanding. Reaching the start line shows the judge a competitor in pole position.

Võistlusklassid originaal, open and hiinakad compete with the, but are accounted for as separate. Duration of the ride is 3 hours. "Crank is treasured!“– Special prize for the best vändatiimile.

NB: Since it is a motorsports event, then drunk driving prohibited!!!

Prize giving and competition Termination:

The ceremony is carried out in about half an hour after the fall of the finišilipu. If possible, it may start earlier.

The event pre-registration:

Entry fee 30 eur-i. Pre-register by Please 2. september 2019
Subsequent registrants participation fee 50.- EUR. the site can only be paid in cash. Starting order according to registration.

Please transfer the registration for the contest entry fee account: MTÜ Vaimastvere Võrriklubi EE122200221059991813 swedbank

The explanation for the observed:

  • Equipe Name, Location / Club

  • Something (originaal, open, hiinakas)

  • competition number (who endurance race for the first time, issued to them on the spot-free number)

  • The number of competitors (2-4) !

Other important information:

Keevitusvõimalus there.

After winning an incitement continued until the morning after party. The program saunas, campfire dinner and good music. Musical entertainment offering guitar Men barn and Kalm


Participation strictly recommended. NB! The good weather has commissioned.

Who wants to spend the night, commits itself to the liking ööbimisvahendi (telgi, caravan, car vms). Evening with the stay takes everyone along to your favorite snacks and beverages. There is a spot approximately midnight Buffet, where you can pay with card.

Further questions regarding the organization of the race:

Rein Pärt 5656 4798

Ehtel Valk 55652559

eili Arula 58144113