ATTENTION ALL WORTHY MEN, WHO CARES 3. HIPPODROME RIDE IN DECEMBER! We will share more detailed information.

The event starts at 11.
Horses start racing at 12.

According to the initial plan, the start for the grids is approx 14:30.
Please be there as early as possible (at the latest 13:30), then you will see, how horses start from behind the starting car - how the flying start takes place. A flying start is also planned for the fences.

For Võrri, the entrance to the Hippodrome is from the SECOND gate from Merimetsa road (the magic word "equal" for entrance). You can also park by the street (Sea Forest Road). All spectators and supporters can enter from the FIRST gate.

VERY IMPORTANT! The grid must not be started before, if the horses have not left the racecourse. Permission is granted to run the tables. Before the start, approx 5 to heat up the grid within a minute. There is no trial round! Follow the instructions on site.

The trail is snowy and most likely slippery. NAILS, PEAK, DO NOT USE DISCS!

Cakl 14:30 first start for baskets - approx 5 round.
Cakl 14:45 second start for the original/retro – 8-10 round.
Cakl 15:00 third start for the open class – 8-10 round.
Kl 15:25 the sun is setting. The entire circuit of the racecourse is not lit, so we are under time pressure.

NB! Betting on the totalizer.
Persons over the age of 18 can contribute. You can bet both in cash locally and online at It's worth making an account there. The minimum bet amount is 1 euro.

We have three game types for betting:

WINNING GAME - you have to guess the winner of the race;

PAIR GAME - you have to guess the first two places of the race in any order;

TROIKA - you have to guess the top three of the race in the correct order.

More information about the games here:

Get to know all the drivers before the start and try to guess, who wins the race (list below). Share the information with your friends and invite them to participate and participate! Admission to the event is free. There is also a live broadcast of the races on the FB and YouTube pages of the hippodrome, who cannot come.

Hippodrome FB:

Hippodrome Youtube:

The cafe is open.

Additional information is shared by Rein Pärt (5656 4798).


Competitors list:

1. start: BASKETS

15 Tenno Alamaa/ Eduard Meresmäe

151 Kalvi Kaste/ Aivar Klemm

54 Endel Laksaar/ Agu Laksaar

34 Sander Sarapik/ Kardo Sarapik

104 Aarne School/ Sten Salumäe


1. 55 Kauri Soolepp

2. 71 Enno Pihlak

3. 101 Andrus Simson

4. 66 all Asper

5. 21 Aimar Parm

6. 16 Ilmar Kuusk

7. 79 Allan Kärdla

8. 25 Heiki Sammel

9. 80 Mati Plaque

10. 52 Aivar Soots

11. 54 Heiki Mainland

12. 57 Indrek Please

13. 49 Tiit Pálköve

14. 65 Meelis Püvi

3. start: OPEN CLASS

1. 15 Tenno Alamaa

2. 9 Eduard Meresmäe

3. 72 Roland Pärt

4. 76 Henrik Sass

5. 2 Risto Küünrus

6. 68 Jaagup Piirsalu

7. 8 Jaspar Kraav

8. 8 Sword Sarapik

9. 64 Hannes Blehner

10. 86 Gennadi Kink

11. 7 Andrus Ant

12. 10 Ilmar Tamm

13. 151 Kalvi Dew

14. 127 Petri Pantsu

15. 48 Raivo Väljako
16. 73 Ville Kuub