Viru-Nigula punnvõrr

Viru-Nigula punnvõrr

Details of event

Punnvõrri Endurance Cup Phase II
Lawn Tractor Too Estonian Championship stage III
8. June 2019

Place: Viru-Nigula, Viru-Nigula power, West-Viru County

Võistlusklassid: Punnvõrrid: Original, Retro, Open, Open 45+, Hiinakad, Naised Murutraktorid: Standardklass, free class

09.00-10.00 Registration and technical inspection
10.15-10.45 Punnvõrride Fitness
10.50-11.20 Lawn Tractor Fitness
11.25 Drivers meeting
12.00-15.00 Punnvõrride endurance race (3h)
15.15-18.15 Lawn Tractor Duration Kross (3h)
18.30 Rewarding

NB: At the end of the day we raffle off between competitors in a variety of awards!

NB, contestant, Read through and not up to date!
Competitors will undertake the race timing transponder on the vehicle throughout the workout- and the race of races during the. The time indicator transponder is guaranteed and booked only pre-registered competitors.
transponder damage, loss or non-timely repayment, the competitor undertakes to reimburse the cost of the transponder in the amount of four hundred and fifty (450) EUR, plus VAT (20%), a total of five hundred and forty (540) EUR!
Fixer transponder must be mounted in a vertical position! Locked you can buy on the spot.
Transponders must be returned within sixty (60) minutes after his last race of the Secretariat.
It is permissible to use the competitor's transponder, which must be Mylaps X2 Car or TranX 260 Marked running and loaded.
Transponders are the responsibility of the competitors!


Pre-registration for the contest:

Entry fee 30 eur-i. Pre-register by Please 01. June 2018 Subsequent registrants participation fee 50.- EUR Starting order according to registration.

NB: Entry fee to transfer the invoice number EE852200221020231751 Erkko Noormaa
explanation: The Team Leader / team name, No., Something, location / club

Rewarding: Trophies will be awarded to three of the top teams.

Technical Committee

The technical committee of judges will be carried out in a tent by the judges. The Technical Commission shall check the technical condition of the bike race and the participation fee receipt, separated from food stamps. To 16 years (including) Competitors are required by their parent or guardian written permission( the leaflet is available from the website or filled registration). All contestants sign a declaration of ownership of the registration. Registration, bring an identity document, the basis of which the transponder reading circuit. For the first time participating in the team competition, the organizers can, if necessary, the number whiteboard.

NB! The duration of the race are mandatory to wear a race number and rear view. Number may confirm or contest the wheel to paste, shirt, jacket or helmet (of tape can also be used). Since the numbers are even allowed to wear a helmet, it follows that at least the required minimum height of the plate is 50 mm. This number must be clearly visible from the surface onto portable.

The Team consists of 2 to 4 members from.

The Technical Committee shall be displayed at a time, each team member, but need not be mandatory safety equipment, However, during the competition, which is constantly checked. It is mandatory that the helmet moto (FOR LÕUAKAITSMEGA), long sleeves shirt, jacket or the like., trousers, Covering the ankle shoes (boots), gloves. Suggested: knee - and elbow protectors. Safety requirements and technical conditions can be found

Track test drive is allowed to go to The competitors, who have registered, whose racing wheel is attached to a license plate, and who use the safety equipment requirements. Reconnaissance will take place according to schedule.

After the competition are invited contestants selected in accordance with the decision of the judges as additional control, confirm compliance with the technical requirements which motor. Before engine disassembly, on the ground that the possibility to wash and dry, in order to avoid damage to the engine.

Judges have the right to the competitors and / or teams and warn / or disqualify.
Refusal of additional checks equal to the disqualification.

Start and Race:

Start going dormant engines. Start-up tone, the judge in a red and a green flag means. Võistlusklassid retro, originaal, open, open 45+, Chinks and women (vt. Specifications) compete with the, but are accounted for as separate. Travel duration is three hours.

Pilot exchange the runway is located next to a special Transition. The immediate area for unauthorized persons forbidden. Driving in the general area of ​​the box must be safely!

NB: Since it is a motorsports event, then drunk driving prohibited!!!

Information about the track telephone: (Track the same as in 2018) Erkko Noormaa 56672377

Lawn tractors:

Pre-registration for the contest:

Entry fee 30 eur-i. Pre-register by Please 02. June 2018

Lawn Tractor endurance motocross race conditions according to the rules defined by the League Murutraktotrite:

Rewarding: Awards are given to the three top teams in both divisions.

NB: Since it is a motorsports event, then drunk driving prohibited!!!

At the end of the day we raffle off between competitors in a variety of awards!

Information about the track telephone: Erkko Noormaa 56672377